Titan+ 1500 Kit

The picture seen above is only the 1st generation prototype. Final unit will look different.

The Titan+ 1500 Kit will run essentials very easily and charge even easier. The total battery capacity of this kit is 4,200wh which is close to 4x the closest competitor for a portable solar generator. This means that there is enough power stored up in the batteries to run all the essentials all day long as well as through … Read the rest

Titan Solar Generator – The Best of its Kind, Period

Hello there, my name is Ben and I have been involved in emergency preparedness for my entire life. I have grown up doing it and truly believe at some point we will all face a moment when being prepared for an emergency would’ve drastically made life 100x easier.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake, hurricane, flooding, tornado, winter storm, power outage, EMP attack, or any other kind of emergency, having power is a necessity. … Read the rest

11 Tips for Finding the Best Solar Generator

There are a plethora of different solar generators out there on the market. Many people want to get better prepared for blackouts, hurricanes, storms or just want better camping, RV or tiny house options.

I have been studying and learning about all the different solar generators out there now for over 3 years. One thing for sure is there can be A LOT of confusion. That’s why I found these 11 tips for finding the … Read the rest

Peaceful Camping: What is the Best Generator for a Camping Trailer?

best generator for a camping trailer

Did you know the average decibel for a generator is between 50-70 decibels and the average conversation is 60 decibels? This means that the average generator will probably force you to yell while having a conversation.

When enjoying the great outdoors in a camping trailer, you want a generator that’s quiet so you can enjoy the peace. The last thing you want to hear is a loud generator the whole time.

Keep reading to find … Read the rest

Why Have A Portable Power Generator For Home?

Hurricane Maria Devestation
Hurricane Maria 2017 Puerto Rico

Hurricanes can be disastrous. It is one of the most common recurring natural disasters in the United States and worldwide. Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, power outages, fires and many other natural disasters can happen, but hurricanes are one of the most prolific natural disasters we have to deal with. I personally have been through hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and power outages and know first hand how important it is to have a … Read the rest

BnD 100 Flex Solar Panel

The BnD 100 solar panels are very lightweight at only 4lbs each. They are monocrystalline making them extremely efficient, durable, and will charge even on a cloudy day. After testing almost two dozen different flexible solar panels these BnD 100 panels are the absolute best at producing power and have the highest quality materials bar none. View specs below:

BnD 100 Flex Panels
Power 100 watts
Weight 4lbs
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Durability Shatter-proof
Flex/Rigid 30%
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