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Thank you for visiting the Powered Portable Solar website! We have been studying solar generators for years in search of the perfect solution for an off-grid, portable power system. Powered Portable Solar is a place where you will find unbiased reviews, comparisons, and information on portable solar that will help you choose the system you need. You’ll also find exclusive deals on portable solar kits here on our site.

How It All Started

Having gone through a variety of natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.) and the resulting blackouts myself, I have always been into emergency preparedness. One thing that consistently shows up with natural disasters is power loss. Although my family has always had a gas generator on hand, it still proved to be insufficient for our power needs during these situations, especially during Hurricane Ike. Power was out for 4 weeks in Texas and gas ran out everywhere very quickly.

At that time there was next to nothing on the market for solar generators. I attended and taught at many Preparedness Expos around the US and would look for good solar generator options that could truly work during blackouts. As units started coming out and the technology started getting better, I found that companies were using solar and electrical terminology to confuse people into buying their product. This upset me that companies were taking advantage of their customers’ lack of solar knowledge to make them believe that their product would work perfectly during a blackout, while all along the unit could not even run a fridge for more than 6 hours.

That’s why I started Powered Portable Solar; to help educate people on what will really keep things running during a real-life disaster or emergency. Our website is simply an all-in-one resource where I test, review and demonstrate how well solar generators and other solar products work in real life. My goal is to explain everything so anyone can understand because at one point, I was the guy who couldn’t tell the difference between a volt, amp, watt, watt-hour, and all the other confusing terminology used with solar and electricity.

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Ben Gillmore, Owner and Founder 

Honest, Unbiased Reviews

At Powered Portable Solar, we are passionate about teaching and sharing meaningful information about portable solar power.

On our website and YouTube Channel, you’ll find, honest, unbiased reviews that have helped thousands of customers choose a portable solar system that will work for them.

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