Discover the Best Solar Generator Over 1000 Watts

Generator over 1000 Watts Off GridOver the last few years solar generators have come a very long way. Many of them are now capable of putting out over 1000 watts. But there is only one that is capable of creating over 1000 watts from solar panels on top of being able to put out over 1000 watts.

Most people only look at the output of a solar generator and think “what can you run off of it?” That’s the wrong

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Why Have A Portable Power Generator For Home?

Hurricane Maria Devestation
Hurricane Maria 2017 Puerto Rico

Hurricanes can be disastrous. It is one of the most common recurring natural disasters in the United States and worldwide. Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, power outages, fires and many other natural disasters can happen, but hurricanes are one of the most prolific natural disasters we have to deal with. I personally have been through hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and power outages and know first hand how important it is to have a … Read the rest