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Over the last few years solar generators have come a very long way. Many of them are now capable of putting out over 1000 watts. But there is only one that is capable of creating over 1000 watts from solar panels on top of being able to put out over 1000 watts.

Most people only look at the output of a solar generator and think “what can you run off of it?” That’s the wrong question. The right question is “how long can you run this?” Most people during emergencies or RVing need to run simple things like fridges, freezers, fans, lights, CPAPs, chargers and so on. Those don’t use that much power.

Why is it important to be able to run more than 1000 watts? You’ll find out very shortly. It’s necessary to understand what are commonly used items that use over 1000 watts.
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What Runs Over 1000 Watts?

The most common item that most people are interested in running that uses over 1000 watts is an electric heater. Sadly, you can only run a space heater for as long as the battery and solar panels can handle it. On low, most heaters use about 750 watts and on high use about 1,300 watts.

Bluetti Solar Generator

Running a space heater on low off of something like the MAXOAK Bluetti EB150 is very easy since it has a 1,000w inverter. And because it has a 1,500wh battery it would run for about two hours before the battery was depleted. But since it only has a 1,000w inverter it can’t run it on high.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 can run a space heater on high for just over one hour. It has a 1,500w inverter which makes it capable of running the space heater. But with a 1,425wh battery it only has enough capacity to run it on high for about 1 hour (1,425wh ÷ 1300w = 1.1hr). But it is not possible to run something like a fridge and the heater at the same time.

Lifecycles of Goal Zero 1400 Lithium

The other main thing people want to run is a microwave. When the power is out or when you’re in an RV it’s much easier to heat up some food really quick in a microwave. And when the power is coming from the sun it’s free!

Most microwaves use anywhere from 1,200 watts all the way up to 1,800 watts depending on their size and power. That means that only some microwaves can run off of the Goal Zero Yeti 1400. There is only one solar generator that is truly capable of doing everything over 1,000 watts. That is the Titan solar generator.

What is the Titan?

The Titan is the first and only fully expandable solar generator on the market. You get a 3,000w inverter which means not only can you run a microwave without any difficulty, but you will be able to run other things like the fridge, freezer, lights, fans and everything else at the same time. You could even be running a heater while running a microwave.

Titan Solar Generator Over 1000 Watts

But you have to remember the important question, “how long can you run it?” The Titan has a 2,000wh Lithium-Ion battery that is capable of 2,000 cycles. If you were to run a heater on high at 1,300 watts it would run for about 1.5 hours before the battery was depleted.

Is there a way to run it non-stop without the battery draining down to zero? Yes! At least during the day.

The Titan has the largest solar input capacity of any portable solar generator in the world! The Titan comes standard with one battery. With one battery the Titan can input up to 1,000 watts of solar power. And since it has an MPPT charge controller it is leaps and bounds more efficient than a PWM charge controller.

The second-place solar generator for solar input is the Goal Zero Yeti 1400. But you have to get the optional 360-watt MPPT charge controller upgrade which is generally an additional $100. The Yeti has a built in PWM charge controller that is rated to 360 watts.

Combined the two charge controllers are rated to 720 watts total. But with a PWM charge controller it’s impossible for it to get that much power. It may be rated to 720 watts but it’s essentially impossible to get more than 600 watts at the most from the Yeti 1400.

Titan with 3 Batteries

The Titan is rated to 1,000 watts on the low end. It can double that when a second battery is added. The Titan is the only portable solar generator capable of stacking more batteries vertically where no other cabling or accessories are needed. It’s literally as simple as removing the top section (the power module) adding another battery, resetting the capacity on the screen and it’s done.

Having two or more batteries on the Titan allows it to expand up to 2,000 watts of solar panels. No other portable solar generator in the world can do that. That means the Titan is not only capable of using over 1,000 watts but it can also input over 2,000 watts from solar panels.

That means is can do over 1000 watts of draw, over 1000 watts of solar and over 1000 watt-hours of battery.
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Do You Need Over 1000 Watts of Power?

It all depends. If you have an RV that you want to run the small air conditioner, fridge, fans, lights, TV and chargers then yes. You would also need to be able to make more than 1,000 watts of power from your panels to run something like an A/C unit. That means you need a Titan.

If you only need to run your fridge, freezer, CPAP, lights and chargers during a power outage then a Titan may be a little more than what you need. But inevitably power needs always come up during power outages, emergencies or RVing where more than 1000 watts is needed. Just like running a microwave for 3 minutes makes life much easier during a power outage. Or something as simple as a coffee machine. That means you need a Titan.

Over 90% of solar generator users and owners find that after a short time of having smaller solar generators that they need to upgrade to something bigger. Since it’s such a common thing to need a larger unit, you might as well start with the most powerful one on the market.

The price per watt on the Titan is incomparable to any other unit. Literally NO OTHER UNIT in the world can do what the Titan can do as far as power output from the inverter, solar input and battery expansion. It is capable of running or mostly running a house.

Don’t wait until the lights are out and gas isn’t available for your gas generator. Don’t go out RVing and have to pay outrageous resort fees for parking and unsafe power. Don’t waste money on lesser units that give low quality power. Go for the best and get the Titan while the sale is on.

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