Q: When will the external lithium batteries be available?

A: I don’t know. This isn’t something that I have control over but I know that the manufacture of the Kodiak as well as other companies I have talked with are working on compatible external Lithium Ion or Lithium Iron batteries. As soon as I have one and am able to test it and make sure it works properly I will have them on the website.

Q: How do I know that this is a protected website and my information will not be stolen?

A: An SSL certificate is installed and verified to guarantee that no customer information is ever stolen or sent to anyone to use in any way. I am a certified Square and PayPal seller and do not sell any customer information to anyone for any reason.

Q: How do I know I’m getting the lowest price out there?

A: I have spent many hours searching on other websites to see if there are lower prices. I cannot find anyone or anywhere that sells the kits lower than I do.

Q: What makes your kits different from other kits I’ve seen online?

A: It is VERY important to understand the differences between the different kits out there. Many use the term Silver, Gold and Platinum but do not provide the same quality or amount of equipment. I generally provide more watts in panels as well as more than sufficient quality and length in cabling. Example: Other Silver Kit = 250 watts in panels, Kodiak generator, 3 basecamp lights, 1 solar cable. (1 Solar cable is not sufficient for 5 predator 50 panels, you can only have 3 predator 50 panels connected together at a time, meaning you’re only gaining 150 watts of power even though you have 250 watts in panels connected). My Silver Kit = 300 watts in panels, Kodiak generator, 30ft heavy duty cabling, faraday bag for EMP protection any other necessary accessories (depending on kit).

Q: How are the prices so low?

A: I have worked out special dealership programs and am able to get the products at special pricing simply because of my relationship with the companies. I make it a point to explain to the companies I work with that I do not do this as a full time business, I do it to help people get prepared and that my prices will be as low as possible.

Q: Should I take the plastic off the solar panels I received?

A: Yes, it is only a protective plastic covering which helps the panels keep safe from scratches in shipping.

Q: Are the BnD solar panels water proof?

A: Yes, they are IP65 waterproof which means they can handle heavy rain no problem.