Q: Does the Titan have expandable lithium batteries?

A: Yes. The Titan is the first of its kind to have a stackable battery design. Each battery is a 2,100wh battery that can be sandwiched between the original battery and the inverter. Or it is possible to remove the plug covers from the bottom of the original battery and simply add the new battery below the original battery.

Q: What makes your kits different from other kits I’ve seen online?

A: First of all, no one has done as much research and testing as I have when it comes to each component of the kits. Many people use cheap quality flexible panels that look similar to the BnD Flex 100 panels but do not come close to the same amount of power production. Second, I have been working on the Titan with the manufacturer almost since its inception. I have had first-hand experience with it when NO ONE else has.

Q: Should I take the plastic off the solar panels I received?

A: Yes, it is only a protective plastic covering which helps the panels keep safe from scratches in shipping.

Q: Are the BnD solar panels water proof?

A: Yes, they are IP65 waterproof which means they can handle heavy rain no problem.

Q: When I have a double Titan system set up will I need an electrician to come to my house and install the proper plug?

A: Yes. You will need to have a 220/240v plug installed by your electrical box so that the double Titan system can connect to it and run the house.

Q: In a double Titan configuration do I have to have the same amount of batteries on each Titan?

A: Pending Answer

Q: In a double Titan configuration do I have to have the same amount of panels connected to each one?

A: Pending Answer

Q: Do my solar panels need to be protected from an EMP?

A: No. As long as the panels are not connected to the generator when the EMP happens they will not be damaged.

Q: Does the Titan solar generator need to be protected from an EMP?

A: Yes. The solar generator is essentially a computer. It has microchips, diodes, resistors and so on inside that will fail to work after an EMP.

Q: Does the Titan solar generator battery need to be protected from an EMP?

A: Yes. Since the Titan uses a Lithium Ion battery it needs to be protected. Lithium-Ion batteries have micro-inverters in them that can be damaged from an EMP attack.

Q: Can I be charging the solar generator while it’s inside the faraday/emp bag and still be protected?

A: No. If there is any opening in the faraday/emp bag then it does not work. Also if there were cables sticking out of the bag, the cables would act as an antenna and would guide the EMP into the bag.

Q: Can I attach external batteries to the Titan?

A: Yes quite easily. The external batteries simply need to be configured in a 24v setup. You must also consider that if you attach external batteries that are lead acid/deep cycle that you should not drain the overall battery power below 50% because that could hurt the lead acid batteries.

Q: Is there a way to stack the Titan batteries side by side rather than stacking them for earthquakes?

A: Yes. All that is needed is the proper Anderson connection cable and the batteries can be strung along however preferred.

Q: When two Titans are put together does the inverter continuous capacity stay at 2,500 watts or go up to 5,000 watts?

A: It goes up to 5,000 watts.

Q: Can the Titan be charged from multiple charging ports at the same time?

A: Yes. Simply ensure that if using something like a wind turbine that it is a 24v setup not a 12v.