Q: How do I know that this is a protected website and my information will not be stolen?

A: An SSL certificate is installed and verified to guarantee that no customer information is ever stolen or sent to anyone to use in any way. I am a certified Square and PayPal seller and do not sell any customer information to anyone for any reason.

Q: How do I know I’m getting the lowest price out there?

A: I have spent many hours searching on other websites to see if there are lower prices. I cannot find anyone or anywhere that sells the kits lower than I do.

Q: How are the prices so low?

A: I have worked out special dealership programs and am able to get the products at special pricing simply because of my relationship with the companies. I make it a point to explain to the companies I work with that I do not do this as a business, I do it to help people get prepared and that my prices will be as low as possible.