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Hey my name is Ben. I live in Idaho but I’m from Texas. In both places I experienced a lot of times where I went without power. In Texas I went through a 3-week long power outage due to Hurricane Ike. In Idaho during the winter power outages are not uncommon and last sometimes a few hours to a few days. It is for those reasons, and a desire to be more prepared, that I decided I needed to get a portable solar generator.

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I have done research for a couple of years now trying to figure out which solar powered generators are the very best. I didn’t want one that couldn’t handle my work load or run the things I needed it to. For me I was looking to run my fridge, deep freezer, a couple of lights, maybe a fan and as well my LED TV.

The absolutely best portable solar generator that I have found to date is the Kodiak by Inergy. This unit does the exact same if not more amount of work as other solar generators. One large advantage though is that it is only 20lbs. The average solar generator has to come on wheels because of how heavy they are.

Mine Kodiak can run my fridge and freezer for about 8 hours if I’m not using any solar panels on it. When I’ve got my panels on it I can run my fridge and freezer for about 16 hours. During the day the energy is used from the panels to run my fridge and freezer and then at night the remaining amount on the battery keeps it going.

I have developed a new method to keeping my food cool though. I took an Outlet Timer which allows me to only run power to my fridge and freezer 15 mins per hour to conserve the battery. Now I can run my fridge and freezer for a couple of days using those.

I can run my TV, water pump, lights and everything else for many hours on end without the power of the sun. But the great part is I can have my portable solar generator sitting in my house. There’s no noise, no harmful emissions, or anything to keep it from being inside.

I bought their Golden Package kit which comes with a generator, wall charger and 5 panels of 50 watts each. The beauty of this thing is that I can add even more batteries and more panels that allow me to run many more things in my house without any difficulty.

The kit normally runs about $2,850 at retail. Luckily I’ve been able to work a special offer with Inergy where I can get a HUGE discount on the Kodiak. The savings is about 20% off of retail and includes the whole package or panels and everything.

The time to get prepared for power outages is now before they come. I don’t know when this price will go up so it’s imperative to get it while it’s at this amazing price!

Click Here to Read my Full Review of Multiple Solar Generators

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