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Titan Solar Generator Kits

One of the best features of the Titan solar generator is that there are nearly limitless ways to set it up. It is 100% customizable to each person’s needs and is designed with expansion in mind. This system can truly go from being a small lightweight portable solar generator great for short term emergencies, VanLife, RVing, camping and so on all the way to being an off-grid power supply for an entire house.

It is important to never connect the panels to a single solar input port with more than 145 volts and/or 30 amps. This is why the kits are designed with five 100 watt Flexx panels. It is okay to use any solar panel with the Titan since it’s compatible with any solar panel that is not a generator-specific panel.


Titan 500 Kit

Connection diagram for the Titan 500 Kit

The Titan 500 Kit is ideal for those who need to run basic equipment in their RV (w/o Air Conditioning), Van, camping or during an emergency. With a 2,000wh battery capacity and 500 watts in panels, this system is rated to charge in 4 hours. Since there are 5 hours a day to get full power from the sun, this ensures that the Titan can be charged up to 100% every day.

This is the easiest kit to assemble. The 5 panels all connect together with the cables that are attached to the solar panels. Connecting them male to female through all 5 panels will leave 1 male and 1 female connector unused. The male end will be on one end of the array and the female end will be on the other end. Simply connect the cables to those ends then connecting the cable to the adapter completes the necessary pieces to wiring in the solar panels.

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Titan 1000 Kit

Connection diagram for the Titan 1000 Kit

The Titan 1000 Kit is the most recommended kit. It is an easy setup for emergency power, is plenty of power for RVs, Vans and camping. With a Titan and 1000 watts in panels it will charge in as little as 2 hours! This means that heavy-duty tools and appliances can be run all day long and still end up with a full battery at the end of the day.

This kit has 2 arrays of solar panels that connect to the Titan. It is still a very easy kit to connect together than it 100% fool-proof. Connect 5 panels together with the attached cables male to female. Do this for both sets of 5 solar panels. Each array/set of panels will be left with one male and one female connector unused. Those will connect to the 15ft PV Connector extension cables. Those extension cables will then attach to the 2 to 1 combiner which then connects to the long cables.

This is a very powerful system that is very easy to set up and takedown. Perfect setup for 90% of people, that is why it’s the #1 selling and recommended kit.

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Titan+ 1500 Kit

Connection diagram for the Titan+ 1500 Kit

The Titan+ 1500 Kit includes a second battery in the Titan which makes it twice as powerful when it comes to power storage. This holds a whopping 4,000 watt-hours of battery capacity which is 4x as big as the closest competitor! This is a very powerful setup with 1,500 watts in solar panels which means this system will still charge in about 3 hours. This makes it possible to run heavy equipment all day long and still have a full charge at the end of the day.

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Titan+ 2000 Kit

Connection diagram for the Titan+ 2000 Kit

The Titan+ 2000 Kit is truly the boss when it comes to making power and being powerful. With an upgraded battery capacity of 4,000 watt-hours and a total of 2,000 watts in solar panels means this charges in 2 hours! The Titan+ 2000 Kit can easily expand further in its battery capacity to 10,000 watt-hours! That is 5 batteries total on the Titan and is generally enough to run emergency essentials for a week!

Imagine running everything you could ever need during an emergency or in an RV and never worrying about having enough power for all 110v items. There isn’t a system out there that comes close to this when put into terms of power.

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