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The Best Solar Generators for Middlecap: Van-Life and Personal Power

RVs and Vans are one of the best investments both for leisure and emergency preparedness. Effectively having a home away from home, you want to know that you can run everything inside without running out of power. These Van-Life and Personal Power solar generators are capable of running small essentials all the way up to roof-top air conditioners. So depending on what you’re looking for, these systems will likely be capable of accomplishing it.

The Van-Life and Personal Power solar generators range in size since RVs and Vans have many different power needs. Only need to run a DC fridge, lights, fans, and a laptop? No problem, there’s a system for that. Do you need to run your A/C, fridge, lights, fans, tv, radio, e-bikes, tools, and more? That’s great! There’s a system for that as well.

These units are capable of great solar input to get recharged every day while still in use. They have expandable battery capacities to match everyone’s personal needs. Some of these systems can work for both the RV and at home because they’re portable and still very powerful.

Be in control of your power when on the road and don’t wonder if you will have enough energy as you travel. Don’t worry about having to shut off a gas generator every night by 9 pm, you will have silent but powerful backup energy ready to go at your fingertips. 

Our Top Picks

#1 Hysolis Apollo

Introducing the all-powerful, industry revolutionizing, and mind-blowing Hysolis Apollo. Truly, we have never seen a solar generator or power station like this one before. Similarly, to how the Titan revolutionized the solar generator industry, the Apollo is now doing it too. If you’re looking for a super-powerful, do anything, go-anywhere type of solar generator, this is it.

The Greek God Apollo was capable of protecting people from evil, healing people from disease and illness could see the future, and was extremely powerful in battle. The name for this solar generator is very appropriately given.

For a quick view of the Hysolis Apollo, it will have a 3,000w inverter, 5,376wh internal removable battery, 4,000w of solar charging capability, 6,500 cycles on the LiFePo4 battery, 240v capable, extremely expandable, and an AC input charge speed that is programable up to 3,000w! This shouldn’t have been named the Apollo, it should’ve been named “The Beast!”

The Hysolis Apollo will quite literally be capable of running anything, as long as you build it to the necessary size. The vast majority of people have found that a 3,000w inverter is plenty strong enough to run their equipment, and that is why the Apollo has a 3,000w pure sine wave inverter with a 6,000w peak. That is for 120v power only, but the Apollo can attach two units together to make 240v power and have a 6,000w inverter continuous output rating and 12,000w peak.

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#2 EcoFlow Delta Pro

Newer and more powerful solar generators and power stations are constantly coming out. This is wonderful news! The industry is catching up to what people want in an emergency backup power option. The EcoFlow Delta Pro is one of those systems that has brought to the market things that we’ve never had before. 240v capability, auto transfer switch, charging from EV stations super-fast, and much more. We’ll go over all of those things here in this full review of the Delta Pro in a 120v and 240v configuration.

Are you looking to run your well pump, keep all of the food in the fridge and freezer cold, and even run some air conditioning during the extreme heat of the summer? The EcoFlow Delta Pro is fully capable of accomplishing this. But is it the right system for you to go with? Does it perform better than the Bluetti AC300? Will it outpower anything that the Renogy Lycan Power Box 5000 can do? By the end of this review, we’ll know for sure.

The Delta Pro launched in early 2022, and when it launched it officially became the most powerful system on the market in terms of how much power it can continuously output. Using a pure sine wave inverter and a full 120v and 30a of power output, the Delta Pro can push out 3,600w non-stop for as long as the batteries and solar can last.

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#3 Point Zero Titan

The main advantage the Delta Pro has over the Titan is the ability to put two units together and make 240v power. The Delta Pro’s more powerful inverter is a very small win over the Titan since the vast majority of people never go over 3,000w of continuous draw off of their inverter. The Titan has better battery expandability than the Delta Pro and doesn’t even require proprietary batteries which is a massive win over the Delta Pro. As far as solar goes, they’re nearly the same solar input with the Titan beating the Delta Pro when compared to a single Delta Pro unit.

For many years the Titan has been unrivaled as the best solar generator available. It is in the homes of thousands of people helping to back up their emergency essentials with ease. But the release of the Delta Pro has introduced a competive rival to the Titan. It has very similar features to the Titan with some minor and some major differences. In this review we’ll see exactly what those small and big differences are so it’s easy for you to know if either of these units is the one you want.

In the end, both systems are very good and anyone who has one or the other will be pretty well set when it comes to backup power for running fridges, freezers, medical equipment, lights, fans, kitchen appliances, tools, and more. But for some people, they may need that one little difference that one unit has and the other one doesn’t.

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Remember: If you need help deciding which system is best for your power needs or just have a general question, contact us and we would be glad to help!

#4 Hysolis MPS3K

Nearly no one has heard about the Hysolis MPS3K solar generator that has been on the market for quite a while. And even more, hardly anyone has had a solid review on the MPS3K. It is a direct competitor to what has been considered the reigning champion, the Titan. The other main competitors are the Bluetti AC300 and the EcoFlow Delta Pro solar generators.

How does the MPS3K compare to these other strong solar power stations? Does the Hysolis MPS3K have enough power and expandability to be able to run all essential equipment during a blackout or emergency? It definitely looks like it can, but let’s find out for sure.

It should be said upfront that this is definitely a very good unit and is extremely powerful. In many cases much more powerful than other solar generators. But that comes at a cost, and not a financial cost. It comes at a cost of convenience. Not only is it a heavy unit, but it is less user-friendly than other solar generators. For some people that is a good thing because they don’t like the bells and whistles of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless apps, and firmware updates.

In terms of how it compares to all of these other Heavycap units, it’s pretty much a winner in nearly every way. The 3,000w inverter is plenty strong. It doesn’t have the best maximum battery expandability but it’s extremely rare anyone ever has more than 10,000wh of battery. And it is unparalleled in solar input when expanded with extra batteries. And for that price, it’s basically unbeatable.

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#5 Bluetti AC300

There is no question that most people who are looking into powerful solar generators are considering the Bluetti AC300. On paper, it looks absolutely incredible. Its expandability is great, it can make 240v power, it can be monitored wirelessly, and even has really long-lasting LiFePo4 battery cells.

However, there are some major issues built into this system that have been deal-breakers for me. The main issues I have faced with the Bluetti AC300 solar generator are first the idle power consumption rate, the screen has multiple issues, and the efficiency varies greatly between units. My experience with customer service has also been horrible; I have never received an email back for any question or a phone call answered and their voicemail box is full.

But is it all bad? Definitely not. There are many great features like a powerful inverter, expandable batteries, a true UPS setting, and really good solar input. But is that enough to make it a considerable option? Only you can make that decision. For me though, not so much. Let me explain.

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#6 EcoFlow Delta Max

The Delta Max is the perfect setup for Van-life vehicles. Because the Delta Max is lightweight, can recharge from a vehicle on the go, has zero off-gassing with bad chemicals, and can recharge quickly on solar, it’s a great fit for power on the go. Many people will put anywhere from 400 to 800 watts of solar on the roof of their van or vehicle and keep the Delta Max and the expansion batteries charged up all of the time without any issues.

The Delta Max can easily run a fridge, fans, lights, laptops, drones, small A/C units, and even blowers for heat inside the vehicle. And it’s compact as well which makes it easy to fit under a bed, inside a cabinet, or anywhere else there is some spare space.

The Delta Max is truly the perfect system if you’re just getting started on solar generators and don’t need a lot of power. If you just want to run a fridge all day and night during emergencies, it’s a perfect fit. If you just want to power your van while you’re traveling, it’s a perfect fit.

There are definitely some big competitors to the Delta Max such as the Bluetti AC200Max, the Inergy Flex 1500, and the Jackery Explorer 2000. But to be completely upfront, the Delta Max beats every one of these; read our full review and you’ll see why.

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#7 Bluetti AC200Max

The Bluetti AC200Max is one of the best medium-sized solar generators to come out to date. The top competitors to the Bluetti AC200Max are the EcoFlow Delta Max and the Inergy Flex. There are many similarities between these systems including expandable battery packs, portability, and how many items can be run off of them at the same time.

The Bluetti AC200Max is a very good system. It’s efficient, expandable, quickly rechargeable can be over-paneled, and has a good price per unit wattage. It’s nearly tied in capability with the EcoFlow Delta Max. One of the biggest concerns I have run into with this unit besides the touch screen locking is the external batteries. If for any reason the total battery capacity on the AC200Max drops all the way down to zero, only the onboard battery inside the AC200Max will recharge when the sun comes back up and hits the solar panels. For some reason, the external batteries do not get any charge at all after hitting 0%. They have to be jump-started using the AC wall charger. Other issues include complicated cable management and a its heavy weight.
Read our full review for a more comprehensive comparison of the AC200 Max with its competitors.

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Spec Comparison

Our spec comparison chart is a live sheet that we regularly update as we test the latest solar generator units being released. For this reason, our chart may be updated before we have the chance to publish a full review on our website. If you catch any discrepancies between the rankings on this page and on the chart, always go with the chart first! 

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