Patriot Power Solar Generator the Best Option?

What happens when the power grid goes down? Think about it: I’m not talking about a few days; I’m talking about the whole power grid going down for a few weeks, months, and in some cases even years. If you were left with absolutely no power, do you think you would survive? Unfortunately, not many of us would.

Look at the aftermath in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. After seven months they still had severe power outages blacking out the entire territory. Their hospitals were not even capable of caring for their patients because of the power grid failure. Some places still didn’t have power after a whole year! The question really is “Can the Patriot Power Generator last a month or a year of non-stop use?”

The short answer is: sadly, no.

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When mos people think about no power they think “no lights, no smartphones, no television, no tablets, no computers.” What they should really think is “no heat, no air conditioning, no lights, no gas, no police, no protection.” The world would look much more different than it probably does today. We have become accustomed to the comforts of life and electronics. And don’t you dare kid yourself: the power grid is under massive threat.

It doesn’t matter if you live on an island, along the coast, in the mountains or in a cave; when the power goes out, there’s problems. Those problems turn into really big problems if power doesn’t get restored.

It is these events that necessitated the creation of solar generators such as Patriot 1500 power generator, and Kodiak solar generator among others. Their manufacturers are aware that power grid failure scenarios can be some of the worst kinds of disasters. In such cases, it’s not uncommon for animalistic behaviors and chaos to prevail resulting in instances of looting, killing, rape, among many other incidents.

When we are engulfed in darkness, none of us will be safe. You might not even be able to get in touch with your family and colleagues to ensure that they are alright. There is a wide array of Solar Generators available you can choose from. However, some of the lithium ion based solar generators are the Patriot Power 1500 and the Kodiak solar generators.

Renowned for their high-quality as well as convenience, these accessories are designed to last for quite some time and offer the suitability of continued power supply in the event of a blackout. What’s more, they are also designed to ensure easy portability, so you can carry them along with you whenever and wherever you want notwithstanding the location either for regular home use or going to a camp.

So, which of these two solar generators is the most ideal? To identify the perfect option for you, it is essential that you understand each of these solar generators, their distinct features, as well as what sets them apart from each other.

Here is everything that you need to know:


Undoubtedly, if I’m looking for a solar generator, I will, of course, want the best one on the market. The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is one of the top ones on the market. It has been considered one of the top solar generators to have for preppers and power outages.

It comes in different solar generator kits to best fit each person who is looking at them. The kits include both the generator and the panels in a single package.

Features of the Patriot Solar Generator:

  • 2000 life cycles: This means that the generator can be drained and recharged approximately 2,000 times before it reaches an 80% efficiency rating.
  • Multiple Charging Options: It can be charged in numerous ways either through solar panels or a typical electric outlet.
  • It is possible to charge this unit either using a standard wind turbine or any other conventional energy sources.
  • Charge time: the Patriot Generator has a fast charging mechanism which allows it to charge after only 3.5 hours fully. In essence, you can get this unit from 0 to full charge (100%) in just under four hours.
  • Retaining Charge: a typical Patriot generator will usually hold a full charge for approximately one year, and this is with little or no loss of power.
  • This portable solar unit can generate up to 1500 watts of continuous power because of its inverter.

The Patriot Generator you also get to enjoy bonus features and accessories including:

  • AC outlets (2 x 120 volt)
  • USB outlets: 4 X
  • DC Outlet: 1 x 12 volt
  • Anderson Power Pole Outlet: 1 x 12 volt. This one usually comes in handy when powering CB units and


The Kodiak generator by Inergy is yet another option which I personally consider the absolute best option available on the market even more than the Patriot. This is because it is half the weight, twice the battery capacity and four times the charging capability. It also comes with an exclusive external battery bank connection option unlike any other. As such, it is possible to effectively add a few more batteries to this unit to store more and more backup power for an emergency.

Features of the Kodiak Solar Generator:

  • Ultra-lightweight: this unit is significantly lightweight and only weighs in at about 20lbs.
  • Expandable: this unit is not only expandable but is also fitted with distinct deep cycle batteries (Lead Acid).
  • Charge time: Kodiak Generator is solar-powered and only takes a minimum of 2 hours to charge fully. This is to say that I can charge it from 0-100 % charge in about 2 hours in ideal conditions.
  • It comes with a unique lithium-ion battery.

Patriot Power Generator vs Kodiak Solar Generator

Charge Time:

On average the amount of solar charging that most individuals across the globe can enjoy in a day is around 5 hours. As such, I need my solar unit to charge in less than 5 hours whether it is either partially cloudy or in any other weather condition. In essence, the unit that can best suit me is one that charges quickly or in a better language one with a high input charging capacity.

With the Patriot Power Solar Generator 1500, it only takes about 3.5 hours to get to full charge although it can just hold energy worth 500 watts which is unfortunately too low to suit long-term emergency scenarios. It also has 150 watts maximum solar input which is the reason why it’s charging time is at 3.5 hours. So it’s a bit deceiving in my opinion because it sounds great that it charges quickly, but the only reason it charges quickly is because it has such a small battery.

On the contrary, the Kodiak Solar Generator’s input stretches as far as 600 watts/hour. It comes with an 1100-watt-hour battery, and as such, with its 600w input charge, it only takes 1.8 hours to get fully charged. This means it takes less than 2 hours to charge. This is to say that even when it is cloudy, I can be producing enough power to still charge the large battery 100% full in less than 5 hours.

Inverter Capacity:

Looking at other solar generators, it is common to have an inverter size of 1500 watts. The Patriot and Kodiak both use 1500 continuous watt inverters. Both units have a 3,000 watt peak/surge as well. This is to say that they can run 1500 watts worth of energy continually without any issue.

This makes it easier to consider running items such as fridges, freezers, saws, food dehydrators etc. However, the battery has to be able to handle the quick draw of power as well an unfortunately the Patriot cannot handle larger draws like that because its battery isn’t as big as the Kodiaks.


I recently had an cycling accident that made my right arm practically useless for about a month. In natural disasters it is not uncommon for people to get hurt. This was a true test to me of why it’s so important to have a solar generator that can be used one handed or by others with strength or mobility limitations.

Both units use Lithium batteries which are considered lightweight. However, the Patriot Power Generator uses a Lithium IRON battery and the Kodiak generator has a Lithium ION battery. The advantage of the Lithium Iron battery is that is has all the same capabilities of the Lithium Ion battery but its downfall is that it’s MUCH heavier than the Lithium Ion battery.

The Patriot weighs 38lbs and has 500 watts of battery. The Kodiak weighs 20lbs and has 1100 watts of battery. So the patriot is twice the weight and less than half the power.

So after having my cycling accident I went to get some things done in my garage and found that the Kodiak, because it’s so light, could be easily moved and charged with the panels all one handed.

That’s why it’s so important for people to understand that when we are referring to portability in solar generators, it is not always true to say that portable relates to ease of movement from one place to another. Most people/companies classify portable as it has wheels or can be moved by one person. As for me, when I am classifying a solar generator as portable, it is a unit that only needs a single person to lift, move, or even use and can do it easily. Comparing the Patriot and the Kodiak units, the latter is relatively lighter, and I can move it around with one hand.


The Patriot can be purchased easily direct from the company “4 Patriots.” They have multiple kits for sale with special extra items such as 72 hour food packs and Grid Down information. That is great but personally I don’t spend tons of money on a solar generator kit to get a 72 hour food supply, I get it to survive long term power outages.

It has also been mentioned by the manufacturer that the shipping times are unknown and undetermined so there is a bit of wait time involved in that.

The Kodiak Kits on this site readily ship quickly. The Kodiak and Kodiak specific accessories ship directly from the manufacturer. The BnD Flex 100 solar panels also ship directly from the manufacturer. All the cables and accessories ship directly from the Tech Protect fulfillment center as well. Everything arrives in great packaging ready for use straight out of the box.

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Final Thoughts:

Undeniably, electricity is among the most vital things especially in the current times needed for survival. As such, it is upon me to be ever ready in any case there is a blackout. I am dependent on electricity since most of my appliances and electronic gadgets run on electricity. While I have different approaches on how I work on my energy needs, a solar generator is one of my favorite options to generate enough supply of electricity.

There are several major brands of solar-powered generators in the market such as the Patriot Power, Humless, Goal Zero, and even the Kodiak Generator; although I am less concerned about the brands and more about if the unit can effectively handle my requirements. Several of these units are fine although when I use them, they are never short of setbacks that have shown me that I should not rely on them when I have an emergency.

Looking at these two brands, notably the Patriot and the Kodiak solar units, it is apparently clear that these gadgets have been designed to guarantee extended convenience in the instance of a power blackout. Although they are both quite useful and offer the much-needed convenience when called upon, my primary focus, however, is on optimal convenience and longevity. I am looking for a unit that can provide me a continuous power supply to operate my devices as well as use for a wide array of applications in the least of hassles. I need to know it will work for a year nonstop.

In such case, only one portable solar-powered generator of these two have indeed proved to me that it is a notch higher compared to any other unit currently in the market. This unit is the Kodiak Solar Generator. This unit has been purposely structured for significant emergencies especially where power could go out for maybe weeks or months even. It can power multiple devices as is needed without automatically going off and compared to the Patriot Generator (which is perhaps its closest competitor), it offers more convenience when it comes to portability since I can carry it along with me with one hand.

I personally know multiple families in Puerto Rico that after an entire year after Hurricane Maria are still without power from the grid and are still living 100% off their Kodiak Solar Kits from There is no other test out there of solar generator kits that even comes close to a true test of making your own power to live on for over a year.