Peaceful Camping: What is the Best Generator for a Camping Trailer?

best generator for a camping trailer

Did you know the average decibel for a generator is between 50-70 decibels and the average conversation is 60 decibels? This means that the average generator will probably force you to yell while having a conversation.

When enjoying the great outdoors in a camping trailer, you want a generator that’s quiet so you can enjoy the peace. The last thing you want to hear is a loud generator the whole time.

Keep reading to find out what is the best generator for a camping trailer.

What Is the Best Generator for a Camping Trailer?

The best generator for a camping trailer is quiet, light, and easy to transport. Seriously who wants to carry around a heavy, oversized generator especially if it’s not built into the camping trailer?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a generator is one with the right capacity to run all of the appliances you need to run. Make a list of all the appliances you want to run and write their running wattages and add up the total needed.

Last but not least add up the startup wattage of the appliance as well because some appliances require a huge amount of wattage at startup.

Generator Fuel Source Options

The following are the four fuel sources available for generators:

  1. Propane: This option is less expensive, burns cleaner and last longer. The downside is that they aren’t as powerful or as portable as the other options.
  2. Gasoline: This option is relatively inexpensive and they tend to be more powerful. The downside is they are not as clean burning and if fuel is left in the tank it can clog the carb. When the generator isn’t in use the gasoline has to be removed from the tank to avoid damage.
  3. Diesel: This option is very powerful and what makes it stand out it how quickly it can be turned on. It can be turned on in 10 seconds or less while other options can take up to two minutes. It is safer than gasoline and it’s clean burning.
  4. Solar: This option is the cleanest and the least expensive as long as the sun is available to generate power.

Kodiak Solar Generator

Let’s talk a little more in detail about the solar option seeing that it’s the cleanest and least expensive it ranks high in our list as one of the best generator options in the market.

One of the BEST things about going with the solar option is that no diesel or gasoline is needed to make it run! Seriously doesn’t that sound amazing while enjoying the great outdoors the last thing you want to think about it running out of gasoline or diesel. Instead, you will use free energy from the sun while you are out camping in the great outdoors.

After lots of research, we came across the Kodiak Solar Generator which had so many positive points:

  • It’s fueled by the sun which is a huge plus.
  • It’s super portable and light. It only weighs 20 pounds.
  • It will hold it’s charge when it’s not being used.
  • It produces no noise when it is on. Can you imagine a super quiet generator still supplying energy to your appliances and you can still have a conversation without yelling over the generator?
  • It’s extremely clean. It doesn’t produce toxic exhaust and emissions. It is so clean you can run it anywhere in your camping trailer, even under the kitchen sink without a worry.
  • It has less moving parts so it needs less maintenance and repairs.
  • It has expandable power. This means you can use external batteries along with its internal lithium battery giving you more available power to use.

Let’s Compare Gasoline Generator Options

We found a few portable generators out there that require gas to be operated.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

First one on our list is the Westinghouse generator which manages 4650 watts of starting power and 3600 running watts. It can run quite a few appliances with that much available wattage which is a plus when you have a lot to power.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty loud it emits 69 decibels of noise. This is one the higher noise level compared to other generators.

It can be powered by either gasoline or propane and it has a low oil shutdown valve which gives peace of mind of not running dry on oil.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty bulky and weighs 107 lbs. It does have built-in handles and large wheels to help you move it around easier.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Second, on our list is the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 eco-friendly generator. It’s a fairly quiet generator with a 51-decibel noise level. It’s one of the quietest on the market.

A downside for this generator is that after a few hundred hours of using it the oil consumption goes up and stays up. This means you have to add oil to it when you refill the gas tank.

Honda EU1000i

Third, on our list is the Honda EU1000i which has a 60-decibel noise level. That makes it a little loud but it does have the option of an economy mode which brings it down closer to 50 decibels.

It puts out a thousand watts of power which is enough for lights and a few small items such as cell phone charging. It doesn’t offer much power because of its lightweight. It only weighs 30 lbs.

Another downside is that the oil change isn’t easy because it needs a super narrow special funnel to complete the job.

Feeling More Knowledgeable on Your Next Camper Generator?

After reading all of the above you should feel prepared when looking for the best generator for a camping trailer for your next adventure. Happy camping!

If you are interested in having a portable generator for your home for an emergency check out our article with our review on the best option out there for your home.

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