Portable Solar Generators Vs Portable Diesel Generators: Where Should You Invest?

In the industry of portable power generation, you will find two types of generators – diesel and solar generators. Those diesel generators have been a long-term companion of people as they have been using it for a long time. But with the advancement of time and technology, now it has been noticed that the solar generators are gradually replacing the diesel generators.

Now, if you are planning to buy a new portable generator for emergency purpose or for carrying in the camping trip, you may find yourself in a fix where to invest – diesel or solar generators.

Hence, go through the article to make a right choice in today’s world.

Solar Vs Diesel – Portable Power Generator

When it comes about solar generator, it is less mechanic and consumes almost nothing to produce energy. All it needs is natural sunlight to convert it into electric currents. Diesel generators also produce electricity, but for doing that they have to burn gasoline. In course of power producing process, it produces fumes and carbon. Meanwhile, power is natural, passive and sustainable outcome of a harmless method known as photovoltaic effect in case of portable solar generator.

When it comes about the debate between portable solar generator and diesel generator, solar generators always step few steps ahead from diesel or gas generators and here are the reasons –

Eliminating Pollution

In the modern era, pollution is a curse to our society. The increasing level of pollution will make it impossible to survive for the next generations on this planet. Hence, it is high time to welcome all those natural processes that can eliminate the pollution level. Unfortunately, a diesel generator contribute more in the pollution level as it discharge heat, noise and fume that are considered as direct pollutants. The gas extracted from the portable diesel generator causes serious harm in nature.

In this term, a portable solar generator produces exactly the opposite results as it causes no harm to nature. It only works as being a part of the natural using the sunlight to strap up solar power. It requires less mechanic functionality to run the generator.

More Efficient

In the comparison between solar and diesel generators, solar generator always triumphs over diesel generator in terms of efficiency. A portable diesel generator needs more gas for running it longer. It is true that a portable diesel generator is capable of producing more energy at a certain period due to its high production ability.

On the other hand, a solar generator is more productive in every sense as it does not require anything from outside to produce energy. Whatever it gets from the sun, it converts that sunlight into electricity. However, it is true that these portable solar generators cannot be used those places where the source of sunlight is limited.

Ultimately Less Costlier

One of the major reasons for choosing a fuel generator is its cost. It is true that the cost of the portable solar generator is higher than diesel generators because of the use of expensive solar technology. But when you come to estimate the final cost at the end of the day, you will find that you will be able to save more money with solar generator than a diesel run generator as you need to invest on gas or diesel.


After knowing the numerous benefits of a portable solar generator over diesel generator, if you are thinking to invest on the first one, one good portable solar generator is Inergy Kodiak Solar generator that is quite popular in the market due to its high efficiency and long life without leaving hollowing in the pocket.

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