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Apollo 5K

Inverter AC Output

3,000W (1 unit) – 36,000W (12 units)
Voltage: 120V Single Phase, 240V Split Phase, 208V Three Phase
Sine Wave: Pure
Efficiency: 91-94%
Frequency 60Hz or 50Hz +/- 1%
UPS Transfer Time: <20ms

DC Output

5V USB: 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB C 100W
12v 15a DC Cigarette Lighter
12V 2A DC5521 2x
12V DC 30A Anderson Powerpole 2x
5V Wireless Charging Pad

Battery Specs

Capacity per Unit: 5,376wh
Max Expandable Capacity 118,272wh
Life Cycles: 6,000+
Voltage: 51.2v
Type: LiFePo4 (LFP)


Solar DC Input: 4,400W 120V – 500V MPPT
AC Input (Wall Charging): 5A – 25A, 750W – 3,000W, 65-140V, 60Hz or 50Hz (auto detect)
Car DC Input (Car Charger) 120W (12V), 240W (24V)
AC + DC Input: 7,400W Max/unit

Kit Sizes

1. 1 Apollo 2K, 2. 1 Apollo 4K, 3. 1 Apollo 1EB 4K, 4. 1 Apollo 2EB 4K, 5. 2 Apollo 240v 4K, 6. 2 Apollo 240v 2EB 4K, 7. 2 Apollo 240v 2EB 8K, 8. 2 Apollo 240v 4EB 8K, 9. 4 Apollo 240v 4K, 10. 4 Apollo 240v 2EB 8K, 11. 4 Apollo 240v 4EB 16K, 12. 4 Apollo 240v 6EB 16K

Special Features

-Unattended Mode/Dark Start – The Apollo 5K will automatically turn the inverter back on after draining to 0%. Once the solar panels have recharged the battery to a custom set charge percentage the Apollo 5K will continue running all AC loads.
-Link up to 12 units together for up to 36KW AC output.
-Up to 10 batteries.
-High DC 500V input.
-Removeable Bluetooth screen included.
-6000+ life cycles
-Grounding capable
-Floating or bonded ground capable

Unit Size & Weight

Length: 23.2 inches
Width: 14.6 inches
Height: 18.6 inches
Weight 131 pounds

BMS Safety

High Voltage Protection: 60VDC
Low Voltage Protection: 40VDC
Low Voltage Recovery: 44.8VDC
Floating Charge Voltage: 58.4VDC
Max Current: 105A

Temperature Ratings

Operating Ambient Temp: 32F – 104F
Storage Ambient Temp: 14F – 115F

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