Basecamp Light (Chainable)


1 – Basecamp LED Light (Chainable)

400 Lumens (16ft radius high brightness level reach)

3 watts/hr drain

6ft cable (can be linked to more basecamp lights)

Extremely Lightweight

*This item is on backorder*

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This blindingly bright 400 lumen egg sized light is extremely useful in conjunction with the Kodiak Solar Generator. This light comes on a chainable 6ft cord so that it can be connected up to a total of 6 lights all linked together lighting up an entire area, home or campsite with ease.

One of the biggest advantages of this light is that it plugs directly into one of the two smaller barrel ports on the front of the Kodiak. This is a great help because it is not necessary to plug a lamp into one of the 110v plugins taking up valuable real estate on the Kodiak. Keep your larger 110v plugs open by using this light. It is possible to have a total of 12 Basecamp Lights being used on the Kodiak.

One of the best options with this light is to add an extension cable between each light. This allows you to put an additional 5ft, 16ft or 33ft on the light so that it is easier to stretch the lights to where they are needed. See the Shop page for light extension cables.

This is a huge help when camping or putting lights in different rooms of the house because the lights are so bright you don’t always need many in one room.