BnD Flex Gold Kit

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(The kit I personally use and recommend the most)

1 – Kodiak Solar Generator

5 – 100-Watt BnD Flex Solar Panels

2 – 3ft MC4 Extension Cables

1 – 50ft MC4 Panel Cable

2 – MC4 to Neutrik Kodiak Adapter (1 Backup)

1 – MC4 5 Way Panel Cable Connector

4 – Chainable Basecamp Lights

1 – Car Charger

1 – Cable Carrying Case

1 – Panel Carry Case

1 – Standard Wall Charger

1 – Shoulder Strap

1 – MC4 Tool

1 – Tech Protect XL Faraday Bag

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The world’s TOP portable solar generator without any question. Simply view the comparison chart below to see why it is UNMATCHED in power, quality and ability. Weighing in only at 20lbs it uses time tested features with a strong customized setup. This solar generator charges 3x faster than its closest competitor.

The Gold Kit comes with 5 panels that are 100 watts each making a total of 500 watts total solar power input per hour. It too comes with a Panel & Cable carrying bag to make transportation easy. It is very easy to run the Kodiak while it is being charged. An average sunny day will produce 500 watts per hour of full light. This makes it possible to run multiple items such as a refrigerator, freezer, fan, chargers, lights and still charge the battery for night. These panels will charge the Kodiak from 0% to 100% in just under 2 hours. Most solar generators take over 5 hours to charge. The average amount of hours in a day you can charge from solar is 5. So if it can’t be charged in 5 hours or less it’s useless.

The BnD 100 Panels are very lightweight at only 4lbs each. They are monocrystalline making them extremely efficient, durable, and will charge well even on a cloudy day.

Is also includes 50ft of heavy duty cable to make charging the Kodiak from a distance very easy. All 5 panels plug into the 5-Way splitter, then the 50ft cables plug into the Kodiak cable adapter.

Included is a Faraday/EMP Bag tested to the highest military standard for stopping EMPs and Solar Flares from hitting the Kodiak. Keep your Kodiak inside of it when not in use to protect it.

It is 100% expandable with 12v batteries. What this means is that it is possible to add as many other external 12v batteries to this and the built in charge controller will drain, charge, and use without any hiccups. Essentially every battery you add is like adding one more Kodiak generator.

With more outlets than ANY other competitor, you can be sure that you’ll be able to plug in many different devices and units without overloading the system.

Specs: Inputs: 1st charging port – 270 watts (Solar Panels) OR 12vdc (Car Charger) 2nd charging port – High current port of Solar, Wind, Car up to 32vdc at 30 amps, 600 watts.

Output Ports: 6x 110v AC outlets 1x 30 amp RV Plug (Plug straight into RV and run it like normal) 2x 12v DC Car Sockets 4x USB outlets 2x Light Ports with 5.5×2.5mm connectors (use weith Basecamp Lights)

Battery: Lithium Ion (NMC) 1100W Continuous for 1 Hour with a 3000W Peak 12.6v DC, 90 amp hours Up to 2,000 FULL cycles (From 0% to 100%) 10 year shelf life Suggested charge: Once per six months (not required) Integrated charge controller and charge balancer Over charge protection

Inverter: Pure Sine Wave 1500W continuous, 3000W surge 110v AC, 60Hz High efficiency, ultra high frequency design Super cooled chassis Operating range: -15 to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit

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Powered Portable Solar Generator
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Roy D on Powered Portable Solar Generator
BnD Gold Kit is Perfect!

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Inergy Kodiak BnD Gold Kit from Ben! After hurricane Irma, we were out of power for two weeks. Our gas generator was inconvenient to sustain, primarily because of the long gas station lines and cost. I wanted an alternative power source, began researching solar, and how I found Ben. His site, and videos educated me on solar, and surprisingly the Kodiak system. I considered other brands, but the Kodiak had the true portability and capacity for my emergency power and truck camper requirements. Ben promptly responded to my questions before my purchase, and after, offering me tips on best panel set-up configurations. Shortly after the system arrived, we put the system through its paces by traveling cross-country, and spending a month boondocking in Colorado forest lands. The Kodiak system performed brilliantly! The durability, capacity, weight, expandability and number of outlets, including 30amp RV makes this a 5star product. Am seriously considering purchasing a second unit.

Thanks Roy, I'm glad you're more prepared for hurricanes there in FL now.

by Edward Coyle on Powered Portable Solar Generator
5 Gold Stars from Me

Thanks for a truly great product. Everything arrived in rapid succession. I was able to throw a charge on with the wall charger the first time, as I was too busy to set up the panels. Glad I did! Had a small power outage right after- I was ecstatic. So I was running the LED lights, charging a phone and laptop, running a fan. What a great thing it is!

I have yet to plug it into the RV to see how that goes, but I am confident it will be fine. I recharged the unit with the panels the following day. Again, without a hitch. This gets five stars from me.

Thanks Ed, happy to help where I can.

by Okey Mason on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Perfect for Hurricane Season

I am so glad that I purchased the Inergy Kodiak Gold system in mid May for preparation for the hurricane season. I did not want to experience the 2 weeks without electricity like I did during a previous hurricane. I contacted Ben and we discussed my needs and it was determined the Gold system would be the best for my needs. So far, no electricity outage due to hurricanes! I did however get an opportunity to test the system when I had a “unplanned” maintenance on the grid. I work from home and needed internet access and was able to set up my system (it was fully charged) and was back to work within 20 minutes. I had 2 desktop computers, 2 monitors, 1 router, 1 phone, 1 printer and 2 floor fans hooked up and ran my business until the power was restored 4 hours later. The system still had plenty of power available (I did not calculate consumption as it was late in the day and I wasn’t thinking). I charged the system up so it is ready for use the next outage. I give the system 5 stars for the ease of use, dependability and the spectacular support service I received from Ben for selection of the system and followup when one of the EMP bags was not sent from the supplier. The supplier apologized and corrected the error on their part and shipped the EMP bag the same day Ben contacted them!

Okey I am so glad you got prepared for Hurricane season, especially since we're from the same place I know first hand how bad hurricanes can be there. Thanks again!

by Paul Arakaki on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Couldn't Be Happier

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase from Powered Portable Solar. Ben answered all of my questions (and I had many) in a easy to understand and professional manner. His knowledge and excellent customer support really left no doubt where I was going to make my purchase. The video that he has on YouTube “Best Portable Powered Solar Generator Kit 1 Year Review Inergy Kodiak” was the most detailed that I could find and motivated me to contact Ben. The video contained everything from the his tests of the Kodiak, panel connectivity, faraday bags, panel storage, the Base Camp lights, and more were all extremely helpful. Shortly after my purchase I had a couple of questions and Ben was quick to answer, and even put together additional YouTube videos addressing my questions. How cool!

As I am writing this testimonial my BnD Gold kit is recharging out side. And I feel great comfort having this kit handy as part of my preparedness collection should there be a natural disaster, EMP etc. I will most certainly be purchasing a second BnD Gold kit from Powered Portable Solar in the near future. Gotta have a back up! Thanks again Ben.

by Ted Oldenburg on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Love the System

Ben, I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance in my purchase of my Kodiak solar system from you. You answered all of my questions and I did get the best price from you. Thanks again for all of your help, I love the system.

by Paul Acevedo on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Wonderful Long Term Power

As you know Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and we spent months without power. Finding your page and having you answer all questions and concerns I had was extremely helpful. I purchased the system and it worked. Power is from time to time interrupted, but the Kodiak battery is there doing its job. Much Appreciated.

Thanks Paul!

by Chris on Powered Portable Solar Generator
5 Stars

5 Stars.  If there were 10 stars I would give it! I wanted a backup power source in case of emergency.  Although no emergencies (yet) the system works great and I am extremely happy and can sleep at night knowing I have power when needed!!  Thank you!!

Thanks Chris for your review! I'm glad the system is working out well for you.

by Charlie Smith on Powered Portable Solar Generator

Benji was very responsive and delivered what he promised. Pleasure to do business with, would buy from him again.

Thanks Charlie!