BnD Flex Silver Kit

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1 – Kodiak Solar Generator

3 – 100-Watt BnD Flex Solar Panels

1 – 30ft MC4 Panel Cable

2 – MC4 to Neutrik Kodiak Adapter (1 Backup)

1 – MC4 3 Way Panel Cable Connector

3 – Chainable Basecamp Lights

1 – Standard Wall Charger

1 – Shoulder Strap

1 – MC4 Tool Set

1 – Tech Protect XL Faraday Bag

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The world’s top portable solar generator without any question. Simply view the comparison chart below to see why it is UNMATCHED in power, quality and ability. Weighing in only at 20lbs it uses time tested features with a strong customized setup. This solar generator charges 3x faster than its closest competitor.

The Silver Kit comes with 3 panels that are 100 watts each making a total of 300 watts total solar power input per hour. It is very easy to run the Kodiak while it is being charged. An average sunny day will produce 300 watts per hour of full light. These panels will charge the Kodiak from 0% to 100% in 3.5 hours. Most solar generators take over 5 hours to charge. The average amount of hours in a day you can charge from solar is 5. So if it can’t be charged in 5 hours or less it’s useless.

The BnD 100 Panels are very lightweight at only 4lbs each. They are monocrystalline making them extremely efficient, durable, and will charge well even on a cloudy day.

It also comes with a 30ft cable to connect the panels to the Kodiak, as well as the adapter for the panel cable to the Kodiak. Simply connect the panels to the 3-Way splitter, then the 30ft cable to the Kodiak Cable adapter and you’re charging.

Included is a Faraday/EMP Bag tested to the highest military standard for stopping EMPs and Solar Flares from hitting the Kodiak. Keep your Kodiak inside of it when not in use to protect it.

It is 100% expandable with 12v batteries. What this means is that it is possible to add as many other external 12v batteries to this and the built in charge controller will drain, charge, and use without any hiccups. Essentially every battery you add is like adding one more Kodiak generator.

With more outlets than ANY other competitor, you can be sure that you’ll be able to plug in many different devices and units without overloading the system.

Specs: Inputs: 1st charging port – 270 watts (Solar Panels) OR 12vdc (Car Charger) 2nd charging port – High current port of Solar, Wind, Car up to 32vdc at 30 amps, 600 watts.

Output Ports: 6x 110v AC outlets 1x 30 amp RV Plug (Plug straight into RV and run it like normal) 2x 12v DC Car Sockets 4x USB outlets 2x Light Ports with 5.5×2.5mm connectors (use weith Basecamp Lights)

Battery: Lithium Ion (NMC) 1100W Continuous for 1 Hour with a 3000W Peak 12.6v DC, 90 amp hours Up to 2,000 FULL cycles (From 0% to 100%) 10 year shelf life Suggested charge: Once per six months (not required) Integrated charge controller and charge balancer Over charge protection

Inverter: Pure Sine Wave 1500W continuous, 3000W surge 110v AC, 60Hz High efficiency, ultra high frequency design Super cooled chassis Operating range: -15 to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit.

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Powered Portable Solar Generator
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Billy T on Powered Portable Solar Generator

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and information with my new Kodiak system! I had already committed to the product, but finding you made the purchase all the sweeter. Your review on Youtube was the best I had encountered, by far. Very thorough, with an eye to answering some questions I didn’t even know I had. It seemed unlikely that you would have such great pricing, but it was a huge treat when you did – by quite a bit…

Superstorm Sandy revealed many things that I wasn’t quite prepared for, but the Kodiak is one of the most important elements in my preparations. The noise and fumes of a gas powered generator are a no-go for me.

Thank you for all of your help and knowledge! I really appreciate it. A second unit might be in the cards, and I know to look no further than Cheers to you!

Thanks Bill, I am glad you found the videos helpful and the website easy to use.

by Jill Freidberg on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Very Helpful, 5 Stars

5 stars! Ben was so helpful with every stage of the process. He answered all my questions before I purchased the Kodiak BnD Silver Kit, and he answered my many questions after it arrived. I am not a mechanical person, so I was terrified to set up my kit the first time. It was SO easy. It really is impossible to do it wrong.

Very portable and easy to store. It has charged up pretty fast here in the Seattle summer, which isn’t always the sunniest. So far, we have run a video projector, speakers, and laptop off of the Kodiak. We haven’t had to do so for very long, so I can’t comment on how long it holds a charge with a lot of things plugged in. But I am thrilled with how easy it is to use and how portable it is.

by David L on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Great Service

Just wanted to thank you for the great service and information in helping me acquire my Kodak solar generator with flat solar panels. In sourcing the system I found your YouTube Channel very helpful and as I said service was great. 5 stars for you.

by Joel Hogg on Powered Portable Solar Generator
A Valuable Resource

I purchased the Silver Kit from I researched portable Solar Power for a small cabin I have and the Kodiak Solar Generator with the panels have exceeded my expectations. I have had the Silver kit for a little over a month.

The Kodiak can truly be lifted with one hand and the panels are very easy to transport as well. The total set up (and take down time) time is around 3 minutes. Previously, I had no experience with solar power and needed a self contained system that would provide reliable power to a variety of electronics in the cabin. The kit provides everything needed with simple instructions to have renewal power handy for deep woods conveniences. An “Out of the box” solution that takes away all of the headaches with moving into solar power for a remote location.

Ben is a valuable resource to answer any questions that may come up and ensures all components are delivered. A real down-to-earth guy, very responsive to any emails and a pleasure to get to know. I highly recommend him when considering portable solar power.

Thank Joel, it's definitely a great setup for you cabin. It was great working with you.

by Michele Landau on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Very Impressed with Ben

While researching portable solar generators I ran across Ben’s website. The site had a ton of information as well as an excellent YouTube review on the Kodiak. I had further questions and e-mailed Ben, he got right back to me quickly answering any questions.

I was especially impressed with the BnD solar panels he was using and the pricing on the kits that I was looking at. I ultimately ended up purchasing the Silver Kit, one extra Panel and a few accessories. The transaction was super easy and delivery time was much faster then I expected. Once the kit arrived I had a few questions on set-up Ben answered my questions promptly and I was up and running in no time.

I recommended Ben to a coworker and she purchased the silver kit as well and is extremely happy with it. Definitely a 5 Star experience from start to finish. Thanks Ben!!!

by David Guest on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Extremely Impressed

I found Ben’s website while researching solar powered backup systems. I was impressed by his analysis and comparison of the various units on the market. He was accurate, informative and insightful in his review. I knew after reading his review that the Kodiak was the unit I wanted, and that he was the supplier I would order it from. He did not disappoint me. Once I ordered the Silver Kit from him, it was delivered in a matter of days. It was everything his review had said it would be. And more. The solar panels were lightweight, only about 4 pounds each. That meant 300 watts of power you could carry in a bag over your shoulder. Wow. That was better than 3 50 watt panels which was the standard option. I had a few questions, and Ben quickly answered each of them with a complete explanation. I recently ordered the carrying bag for the solar panels, which I strongly recommend.

I am an 86 year old with COPD. I bought the Kodiak to power my refrigerator, stair chair and Oxygen concentrator during power outages. I followed Ben’s example and bought a timer so that I could run the refrigerator only 15 minutes every hour. I am all set up and feel confident I do not have to leave my house in a power outage, except in the brutal winter, when I will not be able to keep it warm. The Kodiak was a smart investment, and I would give Ben Gilmore FIVE STARS for his expertise and solid business performance.

by Scott Dornbirer on Powered Portable Solar Generator
5 Stars Indeed

Ben did indeed have the best price I could find on the Kodiak kit I bought. the solar panels were superior to the factory models. 5 stars.

by Enrique A Santos on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Can't Be More Happy

Hi, the Kodiak system is awesome, I use it for emergencies and it can do a lot, the system itself is pretty powerful and if you control the energy consumption it will last a very long time, about the service I got from Ben I can’t be more happy, I am in Puerto Rico, the system arrived really fast and Ben was always happy to answer my questions, I definitely recommend Ben as your solar power needs supplier, Good Day!!!

Glad we got it all worked out for you Enrique! That's awesome you're running so much off your Kodiak Silver Kit in Puerto Rico!

by Michael Atchley on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Working with Ben is Great!

Working with you was great! You shipped very quickly to the builders of my new camper, Phoenix Popup Campers in Commerce City, CO. They installed the generator, 3 solar panels, and an expansion battery that are now powering a National Luna 110 ltr. fridge and freezer and a Dish TV RV TO GO satellite system with a 24″ Samsung flat screen. All run great and the unit keeps things fully charged. I would rate 5 stars!

Hey Michael I am glad you found the process so simple and the kit is working well for you. Thanks!

by T Dauber on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Thank You Ben

Just wanted to write and tell you “thank you” for walking me through the purchase of my first solar powered generator and the necessary accessories. Your prices were some of the lowest I could find and your expertise was second to none. Thank again. I know I can always call if a question arises.

Todd you always know I'm here to help! Thank again.

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