BnD Flex Platinum Kit

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1 – Kodiak Solar Generator

6 – 100-Watt BnD Flex Solar Panels

2 – 5ft MC4 Extension Cables

1 – 70ft MC4 Panel Cable

2 – MC4 to Neutrik Kodiak Adapter (1 Backup)

1 – MC4 6 Way Panel Cable Connector Set

5 – Chainable Basecamp Lights

1 – Car Charger

1 – BnD 100 Panel Watt Meter

1 – Cable Carrying Case

1 – Panel Carry Case

1 – Standard Wall Charger

1 – Shoulder Strap

1 – MC4 Tool

2 – Tech Protect XL Faraday Bag

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*This item is on backorder* To make a purchase please contact me directly. All items in the kit are in stock except Kodiak. All items will ship as usual. Kodiak is estimated to be back in stock the beginning of March 2019.

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The world’s TOP portable solar generator without any question. Simply view the comparison chart below to see why it is UNMATCHED in power, quality and ability. Weighing in only at 20lbs it uses time tested features with a strong customized setup. This solar generator charges 3x faster than its closest competitor.

One of the major things that sets this kit apart from all others is that it comes with a custom made Panel Watt Meter. No other Kodiak system out there has this! The Panel Watt Meter connects in line from your panels to your Kodiak and gives you a live read out on exactly how much energy you’re producing. This allows you to better understand how much energy your system will create in a given amount of time. A real game changer!

The BnD Platinum Kit comes with 6 panels that are 100 watts each making a total of 600 watts total solar power input per hour. It comes with a Panel & Cable carrying bag to make transportation easy. It is very easy to run the Kodiak while it is being charged. An average sunny day will produce 600 watts per hour of full light. This makes it possible to run multiple items such as a refrigerator, freezer, fan, chargers, lights and still charge the battery for night. These panels will charge the Kodiak from 0% to 100% in just under 2 hours. Most solar generators take over 5 hours to charge. The average amount of hours in a day you can charge from solar is 5. So if it can’t be charged in 5 hours or less it’s useless.

The BnD 100 Panels are very lightweight at only 4lbs each. They are monocrystalline making them extremely efficient, durable, and will charge well even on a cloudy day.

Is also includes 70ft of heavy duty cable to make charging the Kodiak from a distance very easy. All 6 panels plug into the 6-Way splitter, then the 70ft cables plug into the Kodiak cable adapter.

Included is a Faraday/EMP Bag tested to the highest military standard for stopping EMPs and Solar Flares from hitting the Kodiak. Keep your Kodiak inside of it when not in use to protect it.

It is 100% expandable with 12v batteries. What this means is that it is possible to add as many other external 12v batteries to this and the built in charge controller will drain, charge, and use without any hiccups. Essentially every battery you add is like adding one more Kodiak generator.

With more outlets than ANY other competitor, you can be sure that you’ll be able to plug in many different devices and units without overloading the system.

Specs: Inputs: 1st charging port – 270 watts (Solar Panels) OR 12vdc (Car Charger) 2nd charging port – High current port of Solar, Wind, Car up to 32vdc at 30 amps, 600 watts.

Output Ports: 6x 110v AC outlets 1x 30 amp RV Plug (Plug straight into RV and run it like normal) 2x 12v DC Car Sockets 4x USB outlets 2x Light Ports with 5.5×2.5mm connectors (use weith Basecamp Lights)

Battery: Lithium Ion (NMC) 1100W Continuous for 1 Hour with a 3000W Peak 12.6v DC, 90 amp hours Up to 2,000 FULL cycles (From 0% to 100%) 10 year shelf life Suggested charge: Once per six months (not required) Integrated charge controller and charge balancer Over charge protection

Inverter: Pure Sine Wave 1500W continuous, 3000W surge 110v AC, 60Hz High efficiency, ultra high frequency design Super cooled chassis Operating range: -15 to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit

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Powered Portable Solar Generator
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by William Stevens on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Ben's the Best!

I had been planning on purchasing a Generac gas-powered generator for some time and by chance, while browsing YouTube I ran across Kodiak solar generators. I had never heard of or considered this before, but intrigued by the video I began exploring more about them. The more I explored, the more I began to see this as an option. I had run across Ben’s video “Best Portable Solar Powered Generator Kit – 1-year review” and was pretty much sold on Kodiak as the best generator out there, and began to look around for prices, availability, etc. Amazon had the Kodiak generator, but no accessories at all. The Inergy website had accessories, but oddly not the Predator 50 panels I wanted, and to get what I needed was going to be very expensive, in the neighborhood of $8,000 and that did not include all of the solar panels I wanted, so this got put on the “Do Later” list. I had not discovered Ben’s website yet.
Many months went by and I started exploring this option again. By now I ran across Ben’s video “Best Portable Solar Powered Generator Kit – 2-year review“. This sold me, the information was straightforward and exactly what I needed. This led me to Ben’s website Here I found EXACTLY what I was looking for, as well as options for kits with different numbers and types of solar panels, as well as several other wonderful accessories, that allowed me to customize the kit I wanted, and at less than half the price I could find anywhere else AND it included accessories, including faraday bags! I decided to take the plunge and bought a Predator Platinum Kit, in addition to some additional accessories.
I was a bit leery of placing a purchase of several thousand dollars to a person, rather than to a company, but I have been pleasantly surprised. After purchase, I received an email from Ben acknowledging the purchase the next day, and within 2 days another email regarding the Predator panels I had ordered were currently out-of-stock and on backorder, and an option to get the BnD panels and have them shipped immediately or wait for the Predator panels to come in. I chose to wait for the Predator, and have received everything else. Ben has been very nice and very informative and helpful in letting me know right away of any issues and options. I am very happy with the service I have received and rate it at 5 stars. I have not had a power outage (yet, it’s coming) to put the Kodiak through it’s paces, but have in general tried it out and am very happy with it.
I highly recommend Ben as THE place to go both for information about the Kodiak and for purchasing it, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for the very kind words. It was a pleasure working with you.

by Rebecca Ihde on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Best Info and Kit Out There

In May 2018 we purchased the BnD Platinum Kit and a few extras, like the Basecamp Lights. We looked at lots of YouTube videos, but Ben’s had the most information and in a format we could understand. We had no clue as to where to begin to have a backup solar generator and panels. We greatly appreciate him preparing an assortment of packages to help people be better prepared for emergencies. He has taken the guesswork out of what to do and has everything in the kit you will need.

Ben was a great help to us and quickly responded to questions. Everything arrived in great condition. Some packages arrived at different times to save on shipping costs to us (came directly from the vendor). Everything was easy to put together and all tested out just fine. The Basecamp lights will certainly come in handy for needed light when there is no power. We have fans and a refrigerator/freezer that runs on DC power. From what we have read from others that have this solar generator system is that it functions very well for camping and in times of emergencies. The fact that it is light weight is a real plus. This is a major “piece of mind” purchase that we had wanted to get. Definitely 5 stars.

Thanks Ken and Rebecca, it was wonderful serving you and working with you.