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Complete Delta Pro kits for every specific need.




Our custom-made Delta Pro kits range from the simple basic kits to cover essential needs all the way up to running an entire house including well pumps and much more.

If you need help finding the right size kit for you, we’re happy to help. Feel free to contact us directly!


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Delta Pro 800 (200w), Delta Pro 800 (400w), Delta Pro 1200 (200w), Delta Pro 1200 (400w), Delta Pro 2400 (200w), Delta Pro 1EB 1200 (200w), Delta Pro 1EB 1200 (400w), Delta Pro 1EB 2400w (200w), Delta Pro 2EB 2400w (200w)

Kit Size


Inverter Output (w)


Inverter 240v Output


Inverter UPS


Battery Capacity (wh)

3600, 7200, 10,800

Battery Type


Battery Lifecycles


Battery Expandability

Up to 2 Expansion Batteries

Solar Wattage Input (w)

800, 1200, 1600

Solar Charge Parameter

11-150v & 15a

Solar Expandability


Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Titan to the Rescue

I purchased the Titan 1000W Flexx Kit several months ago to be used for emergency backup power source for my mountain cabin (on the GRID). I live in the fire-prone CA foothills with frequent utility power shutoffs in extreme fire danger conditions. Recently, the compressor failed on the cabin central AC, with 100F+ heat! We moved to our fifth wheel RV, using 20amp shore power. Well, the 15000 BTU AC kept popping the breaker. So, to shed some of the electric load, I activated the Titan, using 300 Watts of FLEXX panels mounted to 6' long 1 1/4" slotted angle rack, to power the TV, satellite and satellite receiver. See Minute Man Prep YT Video: "MOST Affordable and Lightweight Portable Solar Panel Stand." That did the trick with the Titan recovering each day and no more breaker issues. Although this real world example barely scratched the surface of the Titan's capability, it was a perfect fit to meet my needs at the time. The modular nature of the solar panel stand with only the FLEXX panels I needed was most appreciated. I have installed a home integration breaker panel off the main breaker panel, to power 5 key circuits of the cabin with the Titan and the 1000 Watts of Solar in the event of a GRID power outage. I can't recommend the Titan with 1000W Kit enough! Thanks, Ben, for a great transaction and always being there to answer questions and provide support.

 by Barry Crudup on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Outlasting Service

Well all the Titan reviews speak for themselves. I want to give a shout-out to Ben for all of his great help from ordering to delivery during a difficult period of back orders and shipping delays. The wait was worth it on the product side. But Ben was most patient and helpful. Highly recommend him and his company for any need.


I've searched for a robust solar generator for a while. There are quite a few out there on the market and I've tried to purchase a number of them but no vendor would ship to Hawaii. I eventually across the Titan Solar Generator and was amazed with it's performance and specs. Ben was incredibly helpful in getting the Titan Solar Generator delivered to me in Hawaii and the shipping cost was reasonable. This generator can power the fridge, computers, lights, chargers, etc with ease. I don't use the generator every week or even every month, so it's usually in storage. I'm pleased that it can sit idle for months and it still retains is charge. I've had this generator for over a year and it's great. The best part is that my wife has peace of mind, knowing that we have backup power in the event of an emergency. Thanks for the great service Ben!

 by Dale Wilmot on Powered Portable Solar Generator
The Beast is The Best

I live in South Florida and was looking for something to provide power after a hurricane or other power outage. I wound up on a solar generator buying spree. I have the Titan, 2 Jackery units, the Inergy Kodiak, the Bluetti AC200, and multiple off brand units. Power them with 3000 watts worth of portable solar panels.

I find that all of them work well for their respective class. What make the Titan my outstanding favorite is that it is in a class by itself. No other generator comes close to its capabilities. 2000 watt charging? Only the Titan. It also handles huge loads with ease. 3000 watts continuous and 6000 watt surge? Again, only the Titan has figures like this. It can power my RV with the TT-30 outlet, something very few other generators have. Can run my lights, refrigerator, microwave, even my Coleman Mach air conditioner, no problem. It has plenty of ac and dc outlets, for all your power and charging needs.

Breaking down the main unit and batteries is as easy as flipping a couple of latches. This makes it easy to move, as your only looking at 35 lbs or so per piece. My Bluetti is 53 lbs, one piece; I feel that is too heavy to realistically carry around. The Titan has a simple connect system for the batteries. Just set one on top of the other, flip the latches, and you're done. No wires to hook up, and it's impossible to connect them incorrectly.

I love my Titan and show it off to my friends at every chance! So many great features. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

 by Johnny Sutton on Powered Portable Solar Generator
Titan with no panels

Bought this for my brother, really was impressed with quality and features. I am in the process of buying another for myself. We needed them for power outages for our refrigerators and freezers. So far very nice at units, highly recommended! And great customer service, you get to talk to Ben personally...

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