Kodiak Car Charger


1 – Kodiak Car Charger

Charge time ~5hrs

Length: 6ft

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This 6ft. car charger is specifically designed to be used with the Kodiak Solar Generator. This is a game changer in the world of solar generators because it does not take 40+ hours to charge the unit with this cord like it does with other units.

This car charger will charge the Kodiak in 5 hours or less depending on how drained your Kodiak Generator is at the time of use. This is a must have with your Kodiak. This gives the versatility of being able to charge on the go without having to use panels. It also gives the versatility to charge when there’s no light out.

This plugs directly into your car’s DC adapter/cigarette lighter and then into the larger port on the side of the Kodiak. Very easy to use and a huge help when traveling or using with an RV.