MC4 Solar Panel Watt Meter

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The MC4 Solar Panel Watt Meter is the top of the line solar watt meter. This unit goes in-line between solar panels and an inverter or solar generator using the most common MC4 connectors. This makes it applicable to over 90% of all solar setups for RVs, Vans, emergency kits and so on. It allows you to instantly see exactly how much power the solar panels are making.

The meter has many numbers on the display screen that give updated info on the power production of the solar panels. It shows live: Volts, Amps and Watts so you can ensure you’re making the most amount of power as possible and also not hurting your system. It also has a number that shows how much power has been obtained since it has been turned on. This allows you to see each day how much power you created throughout the entire day.

This is an incredible device to test individual panels to ensure they are working properly as well as be able to test solar panel arrays. Using 8 Gauge wire it is able to handle the highest amounts of heavy-duty power usage without overheating and burning out. No other watt meter on the market uses 8 gauge heavy-duty cable to be able to get accurate and high readings.

Be sure to understand how many volts and amps the panels are giving off because if 50 amps or 60 volts are exceeded it will burn out the watt meter. If a large solar array is in use it is best to use this as a “testing meter” where each panel can be connected individually to ensure there are no faulty panels.

200A Solar Panel Watt Meter



MC4 Solar Panel Watt Meter
Wire 8 Gauge
Amp Rating 50 Continuous | 200 Peak
Voltage Rating 5V Min – 60V Max
Connection Type MC4
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 5 oz
Cable Length ~ 6″
Meter Dimensions ~4″ x 2″ x 1″


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Solar Watt Meter
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Rachel W.
As advertised

It does exactly what it says it does. I needed a thicker gauge wire for my solar panels since I read that other people were having issues with the thinner gauged wire getting hot or melting. 8 gauge wire works great.

 by Scott B.
Nice Unit.

Works as advertised. Never had a problem.

 by David A.
Works Great!

We had a different watt meter from another website before but it wasn't labeled very well. The other one didn't say which side of the watt meter plugged into the panels and which side was into the inverter. We ended up doing it backwards and it fried the unit. We bought this unit because it's clearly labeled which side is the input and output side to make sure we don't fry it ever again. Wish we had bought this one first. Love it.

 by Alan S.
Best watt meter

This is by far the best watt meter I have ever used. I do a lot of traveling in my RV and have solar panels mounted to the roof. This works inside my RV to show me exactly how much power I'm making without having to get into my closet where my inverter and equipment is. Highly recommended!

 by Ed S.

it works and that's all I need.

 by Susan N.
Very helpful

We use a solar generator with our RV but the generator doesn't have a power input option on the screen to see how much power we are making. This watt meter makes it easy for us to see how much power we have made so far each day and make sure we're not charging too fast our batteries.

 by Jeremy S.
I like it

It's very simple to use and tells me exactly how much power I'm making.

 by Ryan T.
Absolutely the best

We used this with our solar generator during a power outage we had earlier this year and it was wonderful to see how much power we were actually making. It made it really easy to know how much power we would most likely make that day and know what we could and couldn't run.

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