MPS3K Expansion Battery

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The MPS3K expansion battery is one of the most unique anywhere. Firstly because it has a large capacity of 4,500wh which beats any other expansion battery on the market including the Delta Pro, AC300 and Titan expansion batteries. But in addition to that, the MPS3K can have up to four expansion batteries added to get a total battery capacity of 27,000wh!

These Lithium NMC (lithium-ion) expansion batteries are the perfect expansion for the MPS3K. Each battery is capable of adding an MPPT charge controller in order to help increase the charge speed of the entire system. It can have up to 2,400w of solar going into it to recharge which is absolutely unheard of for an expansion battery. The AC300 expansion batteries can only allow up to 200w of additional solar to go into it. This is literally 12x that amount.

At a very reasonable price for everything included these are the best thing to get after getting the MPS3K. Each battery even has it’s own DC plugs to charge DC fridges, HAM radio equipment or phone chargers directly from it.

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