MPS3K (No Panels)

1 – MPS3K Solar Generator




Power Anything You Need

The MPS3K by Hysolis is one of the hidden gems of the solar generator world. Nearly no one is talking about it but it is one of the most powerful, affordable, durable, and long-lasting units on the market. With a 3,000-watt pure sine wave inverter it is capable of running simple things like fridges, freezers, lights, fans, chargers, TVs, wifi, and medical equipment, all the way up to window/portable air conditioners, electric heaters, water pumps, and more.

With four 120v AC outlets on the front, it is capable of running multiple pieces of equipment at once. It even has an RV TT-30 plug which can continuously push out 3,000w/25a without any hiccups.

Charge Faster Than Any Other Unit

MPS3K has one of the fastest charging speeds on the market. Most solar generators lack when it comes to solar recharging, but not the MPS3K. With a 1,500w MPPT charge controller built into it, the MPS3K can recharge its own battery in just 3 hours which is very quick. Not to mention that it can also be paired with the AC charger at the same time which recharges at 1,200w. When combined together that equals 2,700w of recharging speed.

But that’s not all, if you add on an expansion battery, each battery is capable of adding another MPPT charge controller to add up to 2,400w of extra solar charging speed. That’s an incredible 3,900w solar charging speed that nearly doubles any other solar generator solar charge speed. When paired with AC charging it can go up to 5,100w of recharge speed. That is unmatched anywhere in the market.

The MPS3K can have up to four expansion batteries added to it to have a total battery capacity of 27,000wh!

Bang for the Buck

Because of the MPS3Ks large inverter, massive internal battery bank, quick solar recharge capability, and complete expandability,  it ends up being one of the most affordable and best bang for the buck units on the market. Here is how it compares to the other Heavycap solar generators of similar size:

Inverter: MPS3K 3,000w | Titan 3,000w | Delta Pro 3,600w | AC300 3,000w
Base Battery Capacity: MPS3K 4,500wh | Titan 2,000wh | Delta Pro 3,600wh | AC300 3,072wh
Max Battery Expansion Capacity: MPS3K 27,000wh | Titan 270,000wh | Delta Pro 10,800wh | AC300 12,288wh
Base Solar Input: MPS3K 1,500w | Titan 2,000w | Delta Pro 1,600w | AC300 2,400w
Expanded Max Solar Input: MPS3K 13,500w | Titan 2,000w | Delta Pro 1,600w | AC300 3,000w
Base Price (Varies): MPS3K $3,595 | Titan $3,395 | Delta Pro $3,600 | AC300 $3,699

For basically the same price as a Titan, Delta Pro or AC300, you can have 1,500wh of extra battery, great solar input, an impressive inverter, and all the future expandability you’d ever want.

There is zero doubt that the MPS3K is one of the absolute best units available, and there is only a limited number of them because of their demand. Get yours now before they’re gone.

Download the Hysolis MPS3K User Manual Here

Capacity : 4500/hour