Solar Panel Carry Case

1 – Solar Panel Carry Case




This solar panel carry case is a perfect fit for 100w solar panels up to 43 inches in length and up to 24 inches wide. The solar panel carry case was designed to easily carry two 100w solar panels using the extra wide shoulder straps and easy lift handle.

The main benefits of this carry case are the ability to move the solar panels quickly and easily, protect them in the waterproof case from rain, snow, and dust, as well as give them scratch protection when traveling.

Simply place the solar panel carry case on any flat surface, open the case, flip back the top flap, and slide the solar panels into the case. Then zip it up, put it over your shoulder and you’re off.

There is a storage pouch built into the carry case to keep solar cable adapters, branch connectors, solar cables, connection tools, and much more so it’s all in one convenient place.

Dimensions 43in Long x 24in Tall x 4in Wide
Fabric: 600D PVC waterproof
100% made for easy transport of 100w solar panels.

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