Titan 1000 Flexx Kit

$7,396.00 $5,095.00


Charge Time ≈ 2hrs

1 – Titan Solar Generator (Inverter & Battery)
10 – Flexx 100 Panels (1,000w)
1 – 75ft Cable Set
2 – 15ft Cable Set
1 – 2-Way MC4 Adapter
1 – Anderson Powerpole to MC4 Adapter
1 – MC4 Tool Set
2 – XL Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags
4 – USB Chain Lights
1 – Titan Reset Cable
1 – Car Charger
1 – AC/Wall Charger
2 – Panel Carry Cases
1 – Cable Carry Case

*This item is on backorder. Any new orders will begin shipping in Feb 2020


The Titan 1000 Kit is the perfect setup for those who need to run the essentials plus more for a long period of time. Utilizing 1000 watts in solar panels, this will charge the Titan from 0% to 100% in 2 hours. This is the #1 top recommended “go-to” kit. It fits 90+% of all cases/scenarios/situations.

This kit is great for running the essentials such as refrigerator, fans, tv, and lights plus much more. Because it is making 1,000 watts of energy per hour it makes it very easy to run more equipment such as a freezer, computers, electric cooktops, power tools, food dehydrator, food processor and so on.

This is the ideal kit for emergency preparedness because of how fast it charges. Since the large Titan battery is 2,100 watts and the solar panels are making 1,000 watts per hour it will charge in essentially 2 hours. Since there are 5 hours a day where 1,000 watts of power can be made from the panels per hour, this makes it very easy to run heavy equipment and still be charged up by the night.

See Titan specs here

Connection Diagram:






In this diagram, there is a series/parallel connection. This means that the panels are connected to each other in series of 5. There are 2 arrays of panels which are then connected in parallel. This makes it possible to make more power while keeping the volts and amps lower so that it is easy to make lots of power and plug into a single charging port on the Titan.

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