Titan 1000 Flexx Kit

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Charge Time ≈ 2hrs

1 – Titan Solar Generator (Inverter & Battery)
10 – Flexx 100 Solar Panels (1,000w)
4 – DC Charging Plugs
1 – 100ft Solar Panel Cable Set
2 – 15ft Cable Set
1 – 2-Way PV Connector Adapter
1 – Anderson Powerpole to PV Connector Adapter
1 – PV Connector Tool Set
1 – XXL Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags
4 – USB Chain Lights
1 – Titan Reset Cable
1 – Car Charger
1 – AC/Wall Charger
2 – Standard Panel Carry Cases
1 – Cable Carry Case

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The Titan 1000 Kit is the perfect setup for those who need to run the essentials plus more for a long period of time. Utilizing 1000 watts in solar panels, this will charge the Titan from 0% to 100% in 2 hours. This is the #1 top recommended “go-to” kit. It fits 90+% of all cases/scenarios/situations.

This kit is great for running the essentials such as refrigerator, fans, tv, and lights plus much more. Because it is making 1,000 watts of energy per hour it makes it very easy to run more equipment such as a freezer, computers, electric cooktops, power tools, food dehydrator, food processor and so on.

This is the ideal kit for emergency preparedness because of how fast it charges. Since the large Titan battery is 2,100 watts and the solar panels are making 1,000 watts per hour it will charge in essentially 2 hours. Since there are 5 hours a day where 1,000 watts of power can be made from the panels per hour, this makes it very easy to run heavy equipment and still be charged up by the night.


Connection Diagram

Titan 1000 Setup Diagram

See more connection diagrams here

In this diagram, there is a series/parallel connection. This means that the panels are connected to each other in series of 5. There are 2 arrays of panels which are then connected in parallel. This makes it possible to make more power while keeping the volts and amps lower so that it is easy to make lots of power and plug into a single charging port on the Titan.




Titan Solar Generator Specifications

Titan Solar Generator
Battery Capacity 2000 Wh
Inverter Continuous 3000 W
Inverter Peak 6000 W @ 10 sec
Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Lithium NMC)
Battery Lifetime Cycles 2,000
Max Solar Power Input (1 Battery) 1,000 Wh
Max Solar Power Input (2+ Batteries) 2,000 Wh
Simultaneous Charging Yes – can use multiple charge ports at once. Allows for solar + wind or other combinations
MPT Controller Yes
Sine Wave Type Pure
Weight 66lb (31lb top piece + 35lb/battery). Pieces separate for easy portability
110V Outlets 6 (15 amp)
12V Outlets 4 DC Cigarette Lighter (comes with removable USB plugs installed)
RV 30A Outlet Yes (25A rated)
Warranty 2 Years
Download Our Full Spec Sheet

**Note: The solar panels, cables, and extra accessories are not sourced from Point Zero Energy directly. The Titan, Titan batteries, panel adapters, and other small accessories are sourced from Point Zero Energy.

More Titan Solar Kits

titan solar generator solar kits for RV

Our kits range from 500 – 2,000 Watts with the choice of Rigid 100W Panels or the flexible Flexx 100W Panels. If you need help finding the right size kit for you, feel free to contact us directly!


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Powered Portable Solar Generator
Average rating:  
 14 reviews
 by Bruce M
Titan 1,000 Rigid

I purchased the Titan 1,000 with Rigid Panels and an additional battery for my off-grid camp in Vermont. Despite all the improvements that I've made to the camp through the years, it was never civilized until I added power from the Titan. Perhaps more important, is the level of service from Ben and his team. To have an owner of a business personally respond to emails, speaks volumes about the integrity of the company and provides assurance that they will stand behind their product...and their word. I am beyond pleased and satisfied with my Titan and Powered Portable Solar, as a company.

P.S., I watched every one of Ben's videos (two and three times) on the Titan before independently making my purchase and only after comparing the Titan to reviews by Will Prouse and HoboTech of competitive solar generator models. Even Will Prouse endorsed the Titan saying, "They got it right."

 by Taryn Reiss
Titan 1000W Flexx Kit

No power outages yet thankfully, but this Flexx 1000 gives me the peace of mind I can manage if that should happen. The videos were very helpful. Ben was very responsive to all my emails. Overall great product and experience.

 by Bruce
Titan 1000 Fex Kit

I am very happy with my Titan 1000 flex kit. Used it on a late night power outage for 2 fridges and chest freezer. Was nice not having to start up the gas generator. I have also purchased 2 more batteries to increase run time. It is sitting in the Faraday bag hoping that it doesn't come out, but if needed I know it will do what I bought it for. Gives me a good peace of mind.

 by Rod Tobias
Awesome Portable Generator

Have been pleased since receiving my Titan 1000W Kit a few months ago. The Generator is easy to setup thanks to the videos Ben has posted. I am using the system as a backup should the power is out. I even purchased the additional battery to increase my storage capacity which has been great. Ben has been great at replying to any questions I've had. I highly recommend this generator.

 by John Martin
Titan 1000W Flexx Kit

Just received my kit today. It looks heavy duty. Can't wait to setup and try it out on my next day off.

 by James Lofgren
"No Worries!"

The Titan 1000 flex kit gives us a lot of peace of mind. If the power goes out we know that we can keep everything going, with just a little juggling here and there. Ben helped me find an PV Connector wall connector to bring the panel cables into the house and I keep the Titan in the master bedroom for charging with solar as needed. We connect our electric blanket, TV, and bedside lamps up right there. In the morning I push a cart I purchased at Harbor Freight just for the Titan system out to the kitchen and hook up the Keurig and microwave. From there I go to a spot in the hall from which I run an extension cord out to the mud room to keep two small freezers and a full size fridge/freezer combo going. It is a great system and I highly recommend it, and Ben is so helpful!

 by Doug S
Titan 1000W Flexx Kit

Have been pleased since receiving my Titan 1000W Kit about a month ago. The Generator works well indoors and I am using the system as a backup should the power is out. I also have a backup propane generator to charge the Titan battery if needed on low sun days, Ben's video on a solar panel stand was very helpful. I am using it with my flexx panels. I will probably look at getting an additional battery to increase my storage capacity. Ben is good at replying to any questions.

 by Mary Duval
I feel more secure knowing I'll have power if the grid goes down!

I have not had a power outage yet and hope I never will. BUT, my Titan 1000W Flexx Kit is comfortably residing in my back room in its faraday bag just waiting for a power outage. My main concern is my CPAP which I can't sleep without and a place to keep my food cold (my refrigerator) and perhaps some heat and A/C. I think this unit will meet my needs with no problems. And, I'm so glad I stumbled across Ben Gillmore's website because he does great reviews and provides great information on the Titan and he will respond quickly to emails and answer questions that way as well.

 by Steve Evans
Terrific portable solar generator

We bought this portable solar powered generator. It’s a great system with everything you need.

 by Willard O.
Very Useful Portable Solar Generator

We really like having the flexible panels because they are very lightweight and easy to move around in the carry cases that come in the kit. With floods and tornadoes that we've had in the past we know that we need power and the gas stations are obviously not a viable solution when those disasters come through. This allows us to be able to grab our things and evacuate if we need to. Ben was very helpful and highly recommend working with him if you need help.

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