Titan+ 1500 Flexx Kit

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Charge Time ≈ 3hrs

1 – Titan Solar Generator (Inverter & Battery)
1 – Titan Expansion Battery
15 – Flexx 100 Solar Panels (1,500w)
4 – DC Charging Plugs
2 – 100ft Cable Set
3 – 15ft Cable Set
1 – 2-Way Branch MC4 Connector
2 – Anderson Powerpole to MC4 Adapter
1 – MC4 Tool Set
2 – XXL Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags
6 – USB Chain Lights
1 – Titan Reset Cable
1 – AC/Wall Charger
1 – Car Charger
3 – Panel Carry Cases
1 – Cable Carry Case

*This item is on backorder. See Shop page for estimated delivery.
This item can be shipped outside of the 48 Contiguous United States but requires an additional shipping fee. Please contact us for help.


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The Titan+ 1500 Kit will run essentials very easily and charge even easier. The total battery capacity of this kit is 4,000wh which is close to 4x the closest competitor for a portable solar generator. This means that there is enough power stored up in the batteries to run all the essentials all day long as well as through the night.

On top of that, because it has 1,500 watts of solar power with it, the Titan can charge in as little as 3 hours! Since it charges so fast and has a large battery capacity running items like the refrigerator, freezer, lights, fans, small A/C units, power tools, pumps, TV, electric cooktops, and so on will run very easily.

Expect to make power even when the clouds are out. On clear sunny days, it will be easy to run all of the necessary equipment to power through an emergency.


Connection Diagram

Titan+ 1500 Setup Diagram

See more connection diagrams here

The diagram shows the series/parallel connection style which allows for a high amount of power to be put into one charge port.

Each array of panels are put into groups of 5 panels. All 5 panels are connected to each other in a series style, meaning connectors on the panels are connected male to female. This leaves one male and one female connector on the ends of the array. Those will get connected into a parallel style connection with the other arrays using the 3-way adapter.




Titan Solar Generator Specifications

Titan Solar Generator
Battery Capacity 2000 Wh
Inverter Continuous 3000 W
Inverter Peak 6000 W @ 10 sec
Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Lithium NMC)
Battery Lifetime Cycles 2,000
Max Solar Power Input (1 Battery) 1,000 Wh
Max Solar Power Input (2+ Batteries) 2,000 Wh
Simultaneous Charging Yes – can use multiple charge ports at once. Allows for solar + wind or other combinations
MPT Controller Yes
Sine Wave Type Pure
Weight 66lb (31lb top piece + 35lb/battery). Pieces separate for easy portability
110V Outlets 6 (15 amp)
12V Outlets 4 DC Cigarette Lighter (comes with removable USB plugs installed)
RV 30A Outlet Yes (25A rated)
Warranty 2 Years
Download Our Full Spec Sheet

**Note: The solar panels, cables, and extra accessories are not sourced from Point Zero Energy directly. The Titan, Titan batteries, panel adapters, and other small accessories are sourced from Point Zero Energy.

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titan solar generator solar kits for RV

Our kits range from 500 – 2,000 Watts with the choice of Rigid 100W Panels or the flexible Flexx 100W Panels. If you need help finding the right size kit for you, feel free to contact us directly!


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Powered Portable Solar Generator
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Drew Lanyon
Worth the wait

I ordered this kit in mid-July 2020 and it finally arrived mid-Dec. It is everything I hoped it would be. It is easy to use, very portable and easy to move because of its modular design. The flex panels are very light weight and seem very durable. A few items (EMP bags, panel cases, cable bag & lights) were missing from the shipment. I contacted Ben and he had them shipped out quickly without any fuss. I suggest buyers watch the youtube videos Ben has regarding setup, operating and solar panel stand building. I built 3 stands for the 15 panels and also have used the Titan to power my 5th wheel RV. You'll be glad you bought the Titan, even if it takes a while to arrive.

 by Jayson Ayers
Rock solid performance

We purchased the Titan 1500 kit and use it to power nearly all of our appliances at our off-grid cabin in Colorado. Keep the panels free of snow and you will generate more than enough power!!!

 by Joe Averitt
1500 flex

I received my order at the end of Jan. made it in June. I understand the delay and it was beyond the control of the dealership. Still waiting for the last part of the order. Item was packaged very well, only opened one panel and after seeing how it was protected, I am not worried about the rest of it. Batteries charged very quickly, all parts were in package, except for the last part that I am waiting for. Once ordered just sit back and wait, you will never hear from these people again unless you start the conversation. I think they could send out a status report once a month just to let everyone know they are still working on it. At this point I have not used the system, (needed it prior to now) but I think it will do what I need it for very well. Last note, everything is made in China.

 by Roy B
Exceeded all expectations!

Absolutely love this generator! I am using it in a variety of circumstances, from standard backup power scenarios and non-standard uses like running portable sound equipment for outdoor church services. I built solar panel racks per Ben's excellent DIY video and love the "portability" and lightweight flexible panels. I also got some rigid panels and would eventually like to permanently install them on a backyard shed. I purchased a Tuff Max Mover Folding Hand Truck (Item# S300L at handtrucksrus.com) to move the generator & batteries. It folds up nicely and has a large toe plate that works perfect for the size of the batteries. I prefer moving the generator with the two batteries intact instead of taking the pieces apart. Aside from the unit, Ben is simply a pleasure to do business with. Great videos on his sight and very responsive to email questions. Real person with real customer service from a person who is passionate about what he sells. Doesn't get any better than that!

 by Luis Mercado

This kit could be with 5 panels of 300watts

Thank you for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. Here are the reasons we use 100w panels and not larger ones:1. 100w panels are much easier to set up, take down, transport, and use.2. 100w panels are more portable for those who need portability.3. If a panel were to get damaged for some reason it is easier and far more affordable to replace a single 100w panel vs a 300w panel.4. Three 100w panels are the same weight and dimension of a single 300w panel. This means there is now space or weight savings by using a larger panel.5. 300w panels are not shippable due to their weight and size.

 by Craig T.
no worries anymore

I don't worry about the lights going out anymore with this kit.

 by Paul C.
Great unit

It works as advertised. Pretty easy to set up and makes a lot of power. The battery bank is the most impressive. I got a third battery for our system. It's pretty massive but has a ton of power so I like that.

 by Ryan N.
This is the longest lasting and most powerful solar generator I have ever seen or used

This is the longest lasting and most powerful solar generator I have ever seen or used. I have used a few others over the years like the Goal Zero Yeti and the Inergy Kodiak and they don't even compare to the Titan. I like that the battery is rated to 2,000wh and 2,000 lifecycles. Point Zero really seems to know what they're doing with building these systems. My system has two batteries and they stay charged up all the time with my panels connected.

 by Mark R.
Used it Once and Love it

I've only used it once so far but it worked very well. I did some testing on it to see if it really did as they claimed. I did a woodworking project where I ran my chop saw, table saw, router, air compressor, and other things like recharging batteries for my cordless tools. I did all of that while having the panels connected and it barely wore down the battery. I love it. This makes sure that I can still run my business even if the power goes out.

 by Tim D.
Plenty of Power

I got this system because I needed something to run my small off grid cabin. This makes running everything in the cabin very easy and we make plenty of power every day. We run simple things like a fan, lights, tv, router, and fridge. We haven't had any issues with it at all and is very quiet. It's rare that the fan turns on I think because we're not running that much on it.

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