Titan+ 1500 Rigid Kit

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Charge Time ≈ 3hrs

1 – Titan Solar Generator (Inverter & Battery)
1 – Titan Expansion Battery
15 – Rigid 100 Panels (1,500w)
4 – DC Charging Plugs
2 – 100ft Cable Set
3 – 15ft Cable Set
1 – 2-Way MC4 Branch Connector
2 – Anderson Powerpole to MC4 Adapter
1 – MC4 Tool Set
2 – XXL Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags
6 – USB Chain Lights
1 – Titan Reset Cable
1 – AC/Wall Charger
1 – Car Charger
1 – Cable Carry Case

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With the Titan+ 1500 Rigid kit running the essentials is extremely easy and charges very quickly. The “+” indicates that a second battery is included in the kit. This expands the “fuel tank” or capacity from 2,000wh to double that at 4,000wh which is huge! This is four times that of the closest competitor.

On top of that, because it has 1,500 watts of solar power with it, the Titan can charge in as little as 3 hours! Since it charges so fast and has a large battery capacity running items like the refrigerator, freezer, lights, fans, small A/C units, power tools, pumps, TV, electric cooktops, and so on will run very easily.

Expect to make power even when the clouds are out. On clear sunny days, it will be easy to run all of the necessary equipment to power through an emergency.

Connection Diagram






See more connection diagrams here

The diagram shows the series/parallel connection style which allows for a high amount of power to be put into one charge port.

Each array of panels are put into groups of 5 panels. All 5 panels are connected to each other in a series style, meaning connectors on the panels are connected male to female. This leave one male and one female connector on the ends of the array. Those will get connected into a parallel style connection with the other arrays using the 3-way adapter.

Titan Solar Generator Specifications

Titan Solar Generator
Battery Capacity 2000 Wh
Inverter Continuous 3000 W
Inverter Peak 6000 W @ 10 sec
Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Lithium NMC)
Battery Lifetime Cycles 2,000
Max Solar Power Input (1 Battery) 1,000 Wh
Max Solar Power Input (2+ Batteries) 2,000 Wh
Simultaneous Charging Yes – can use multiple charge ports at once. Allows for solar + wind or other combinations
MPT Controller Yes
Sine Wave Type Pure
Weight 66lb (31lb top piece + 35lb/battery). Pieces separate for easy portability
110V Outlets 6 (15 amp)
12V Outlets 4 DC Cigarette Lighter (comes with removable USB plugs installed)
RV 30A Outlet Yes (25A rated)
Warranty 2 Years
Download Our Full Spec Sheet

**Note: The solar panels, cables, and extra accessories are not sourced from Point Zero Energy directly. The Titan, Titan batteries, panel adapters, and other small accessories are sourced from Point Zero Energy.

More Titan Solar Kits titan solar generator solar kits for RV

Our kits range from 500 – 2,000 Watts with the choice of Rigid 100W Panels or the flexible Flexx 100W Panels. If you need help finding the right size kit for you, feel free to contact us directly!


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Powered Portable Solar Generator
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Wayne Lytle
Definitely worth the wait

Although it took longer than expected to receive my Titan Solar Generator (due to overwhelming demand), it was definitely worth the wait. So far, the Titan has measured up to all of the specifications making it the best solar generator on the market.

Initial setup and charging of the Titan was easy and the digital display provides clear information showing the status of the batteries along with a combined charge/discharge rate with an estimate of the remaining power and expected runtime.

Most of all, the overall performance of the Titan has been impressive with its ability to run most appliances around the house including the freezer, clothes washer, vacuum cleaner, wheat grinder, power equipment etc.

A real bonus of the Titan is the design which makes it easy to separate the batteries and the inverter and move them to a new location and reconnect them together. I am planning to expand the Titan with some additional batteries and solar inputs which is another great design feature of the Titan as compared to others on the market.

I would definitely recommend the Titan Solar Generator to anyone looking for a serious source of power for their home or off grid location.

 by Springwater
Off grid paradise

We purchased this package and hooked it up the same day. It was so easy to install. Our five year old daughter goes down to check the battery percentage, that’s how easy it is to tell what percentage you’re at. This powers our WiFi box, tv, Keurig, phone chargers, lights. Our battery lasts about two days before having to charge it with our gas generator. We haven’t yet installed our solar panels, waiting until Spring. What an awesome device for living high on the hog, on our 70 acre paradise. Also, dealing with Ben has been so nice, he’s very professional and helpful.

Ben has been amazing.

 by wayne

Still not fully up a and running due to not being on site and a prohibition on welding in my area. Should be able to start on construction of my panel mounts today. The unit holds a charge extremely well, even with the temperature well below freezing.

 by Chris Bell
Great generator system

I purchased this system primarily for backup when SHTF. It is a very sturdy system, and certainly meets my needs. It is an investment, and will be worth it's weight in gold if I ever have to use it long term.

 by Mike E.
Just Get It

Yes this thing is a bit expensive but there is nothing else like it out there. I have looked at solar generators for year and always felt like they were never enough and were too focused on people who want to charge cameras and laptops on the go. My power needs require much more than little toys like that and this thing is extremely powerful. Just get it, it's worth it.

 by Kyle T.
Better than Goal Zero

I was originally looking at the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 3000 solar generator because I needed a big battery bank. The reason I had issues with the Yeti was that the most amount of solar panels I could put on it was about 700 watts total which wasn't enough daily power to recharge it. Once I found the Titan and saw that each battery was 2,000wh and that they were really easy to stack I was sold. It has worked great so far for me.

 by David M.
this thing is a total powerhouse!

This is a serious solar generator. I have yet to drain this down to 0% while running all of my stuff on it. Finally someone has made a system that is worth getting. I looked around for months trying to find something that would fit my needs. I even looked at building my own but it is beyond confusing to build one. I researched for months how to do a DIY system when I randomly stumbled on the Titan. I knew once I saw the videos on it that this was exactly what I was looking for. The 3,000w inverter is plenty big so I can run my microwave and not have to worry about shutting everything else off at the same time.

I am so glad that I didn't have to build my own system in order to get the things I needed. I keep my system on a furniture dolly so it's easy to move around since mine has 2 batteries on it. It is definitely heavy with the 2 batteries attached. Since I'm a little older in age I don't want to be carrying that around. Getting things out of the boxes wasn't too bad and stacking it all together was pretty easy. One of my batteries had one of the latches that was a little off and Point Zero got it fixed for me right away. Their customer service has been great to work with.

 by Chris A.
Excellent. Very Solid.

This has been nothing but good for us. We have had no issues with it so far. We use it for basic needs as well as my wife's CPAP machine at night when the power is out. We get ice storms every year and it's not uncommon for the power to go out at least once or twice each winter. When the power went out this last time it was in the evening. We ran an extension cable from our laundry room where the Titan is into our bedroom for my wife's CPAP. It worked perfectly all night long and didn't use much power at all even running the fridge too.

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