20a Titan AC Wall Charger

(1) Titan AC Wall Charger

(One AC Wall Charger is included with any Titan order)



The Titan comes with an AC wall charger but one of the beauties of the Titan is that it has the ability to charge twice as fast! When a second or more batteries are added you can increase the charge rate from 500 watts all the way up to 1,000 watts!

With a single charger and a single battery, it will take about 4 hours to charge from zero to full. When a second battery is added the capacity goes from 2,000wh to 4,000wh. That would mean with a single charger the charge time would go up to about 8 hours. But when the additional Titan A/C Wall Charger is added then it can be charged still in about 4 hrs.

No other solar generator out there is able to double up the speed at which it can charge from an A/C wall plug. This is nice when you simply want to recharge it for the weekend trip or between short power outages.



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