Titan Extra Stacking Battery

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1 – Titan Stacking Expansion Battery
1 – XL Faraday EMP Bag

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The picture seen above is only the 1st generation prototype. Final unit will look different.

The Titan uses a very special stacking lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack is equal in the capacity as the base battery at 2,100wh. Each battery simply stacks on each other so the footprint of the Titan stays the same, it grows vertically.

Once a second battery is added to the Titan it unlocks the ability of the solar charge capacity. The max solar input with 1 battery goes from 1,000wh to 2,000wh when a second battery is added. For 2+ batteries attached to the Titan it can input a max of 2,000wh in panel charge.

This 24v battery has no limit as to how many can be stacked together. Keep in mind there is an average of 5 hours a day that maximum solar energy can be made on clear days.

Example: Solar panel capacity = 1,000wh. 5hrs x 1,000wh = 5,000wh of power produced daily. This means if you have 4 batteries (8,400wh) that it will not be able to charge from 0% to 100% in a single day. To charge 4 batteries in <5hrs it would require at least 1,700wh in panels to be connected.