Titan Generator (No Panels)

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1 – Titan solar generator (Inverter & Battery)
4 – DC Charging Plugs
1 – Wall charger
1 – Car charger
1 – Anderson Powerpole to MC4 adapter
1 – Panel Reset Cable

*This item is on backorder. Any NEW orders are estimated to ship in December 2021
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This is the Titan Solar Generator. It is the most versatile, expandable and powerful portable solar generator on planet earth. With the power to expand with stacking lithium-ion batteries and add up two 2,000 watts in solar panels it can run nearly anything. This is a 3,000 watt and 120v inverter.

It can easily handle 10,000wh in battery capacity. It can expand its solar capacity to 2,000 watts which means it can charge up to 10,000wh in a 5 hour period.

It uses a 24v battery setup instead of the lower 12v as seen in other units.

How It Measures Up

The Titan Solar Generator is the best in its class. See the numbers for yourself! The chart below shows how the Titan Solar Generator compares to the top competing portable solar generators.

best portable solar generators

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Titan Solar Generator
Battery Capacity 2000 Wh
Inverter Continuous 3000 W
Inverter Peak 6000 W @ 10 sec
Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Lithium NMC)
Battery Lifetime Cycles 2,000
Max Solar Power Input (1 Battery) 1,000 Wh
Max Solar Power Input (2+ Batteries) 2,000 Wh
Simultaneous Charging Yes – can use multiple charge ports at once. Allows for solar + wind or other combinations
MPT Controller Yes
Sine Wave Type Pure
Weight 66lb (31lb top piece + 35lb/battery). Pieces separate for easy portability
110V Outlets 6 (15 amp)
12V Outlets 4 DC Cigarette Lighter (comes with removable USB plugs installed)
RV 30A Outlet Yes (25A rated)
Warranty 2 Years
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**Note: The solar panels, cables, and extra accessories are not sourced from Point Zero Energy directly. The Titan, Titan batteries, panel adapters, and other small accessories are sourced from Point Zero Energy.

Titan Solar Kits titan solar generator kits

Be sure to check out our exclusive deals on Titan Solar Generator Kits. Our kits range from 500 – 2,000 Watts with the choice of Rigid 100W Panels or the flexible Flexx 100W Panels. If you need help finding the right size kit for you, feel free to contact us directly!

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Powered Portable Solar Generator
Average rating:  
 17 reviews
byCarol and Clovice Lewis onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Worth the wait!

There was no question this was the solar generator we wanted, even in spite of the long lead time (5 months for us!). You kept us in the loop all along the way with respect to when we could expect our Titan generator. We've since received it, and have had a chance to put it through its paces during recent Northern California power shutoffs. We can now say we are absolutely thrilled with our decision. The batteries charge quickly, and provide us with sufficient critical load backup to cover all our major needs during power shutoffs (including both a refrigerator AND a freezer - we did purchase a second battery for our generator just to make sure). Both the generator and your customer service get 5 stars from us.

byThomas Carmichael onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Titan solar generator

I brought the Titan solar generator with an extra battery and charger. I have .y camper hooked to it and I can run everything in the camper with easy. I added a third battery so I can hook up my Granddaughter's camper. My solar panels wete easy to hook up to the Titan and keep the batteries charged for up to three days with no sun. I highly recommend this system. I took my system home as a backup for my house this winter.

byAnnie Blackwell onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Titan Solar Generator

I bought this basic kit, no panels and I love it. It is everything that I was looking for. It is light enought for me to handle being a woman and it has everything I need. It is so simple to use compared to dealing with all the component pieces of a solar generator like I had been working with. I love it and I am looking forward to expanding my battery packs as soon as possible. I give this unit a 5 star rating. Thank you, this unit will change everything!

byScott onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Titan Solat Generator

I bought Titan because it sees to offer the best set of features on the market. It was a long wait and not cheap. I had trouble with the initial a/c charger and controller. After contacting Ben and the manufacturer they swapped those units out and has worked fine since. The fit and finish could be better. Fuse holders seem a bit frail. But in my opioion this is the best on the market at this time. Paired w EMP protection I have a good viable alternate power back up. I expect quality will increase (I had a first run unit). I reccomend the unit to friends and colleagues. Scott

byCarrie onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Awesome Generator

First purchased 2 Kodiak generators from Ben and mom and I used them a lot. When the Titan came out I jumped on board again even bought one for my mom.
Love em Love em.... been back since and got the additional battery.
Love Boondocking a lot more now considering I’m a power using crazy person. Now I can bring even more kitchen toys as I love to cook. I also love that I can use the solar panels for my Kodiak system.
Thanks Ben

bySalvador onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Pandemic Ready!

I got this delivered to be in Feb 2020, getting close to a year old and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I did extensive research at the time and the Titan is still the best generator on the market technologically, most dependable and most practical for survival. I live out of my van full time and this is the most practical way I could ever imagine powering my appliances. No more confusing charge controllers or sketchy inverters, it's all plug and play to the sun. This generator does great in 100+ degree weather and -30 degree weather. The only hassle I've ever had was having it go into safety mode and I of course used the manual to troubleshoot no problem.

byTom Radcliffe onPowered Portable Solar Generator

I purchased the Titan and two batteries. It took several months before they shipped. On arrival, one battery was damaged. The manufacturer replaced the battery very quickly. I bought the unit, primarily to be ready for power outages. We have a lot of sun in Arizona, so it should easily recharge. While I was moving to a different house, 110 miles away, I used the Titan to run my chest freezer in the back of the moving truck! It kept everything nice and frozen! Thanks Ben for all the support. It is working perfectly.

bySteve Landsberg onPowered Portable Solar Generator

... ordered during the first financing run pre-order Jan '19 and finally received it in Dec that year. I purchased the powerhead and one battery, no panels. On arrival there was some damage to the battery (bent/damage clasp) and one of the Anderson connections was not seated. On installation I ran into challenges with the 12v DC charging blowing fuses which in turn damaged the circuit board. Folk at Point Zero came through with extensive email correspondence and one on one phone trouble shooting and parts. The application is in a van (as 'house' power) and while there were some other charging issues on the AC side (which took months of testing, trial and error to overcome). Still, overall I am very pleased with the capability of the unit and would buy it again. It is a huge space (and time) saver and excellent solution in a van-life application imo. ~ S

byJessie Martinez onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Great solar system

I bought this kit and have not regretted it. I was looking at putting together my own system, when I ran across one of Ben's videos. I looked at how many features the Titan had and the simplicity of being able to stack additional batteries if I decided to purchase more later. The footprint is small because of the design. Very clever. I'm very happy with my system.

Thanks Jessie!

byBruce Bugbee onPowered Portable Solar Generator
Excellent Product

I purchased a Titan with an extra battery(two batteries total) and AC wall charger (two total) on November 30, 2019 and received it mid March 2020 just before the corona virus stuff really got bad. I ordered it from Ben at poweredportablesolar.com. He always answered my emails during the time it was back ordered and gave me time frames for shipping. It ended up being about two weeks later than originally promised, but he delivered an excellent product. I really like the Titan. In the last two weeks I have used it at home to power my main TV, an 1800 watt deep fryer, and a portable refrigerator with no issues whatsoever. I also plan to use it when boondocking in my RV. I purchased 10-100 watt panels off of Amazon and use a ground based array in a 5S 2P configuration. IF/WHEN the sun shines here in Michigan, I get nearly full solar power input from the panels. With thick cloud cover I can still generate about 200-300 watts. The unit has a 3000 watt inverter (6000 watt surge) and can handle up to 2000 watts of solar input via two solar controllers capable of up to 145 Volts PV input. It will allow you to connect more than 2000 watts worth of panels if you want to try to harvest power on cloudy days, but the max input is 2000 watts. The AC wall chargers are capable of more than 500 watts each, and since I do live in Michigan, I have had to use them more than I would like. The two AC chargers can recharge the 4 kHr of batteries in about 4 hours from 0% to over 95%. If it had LiFePo4 batteries it would just about be perfect and I am told that LiFePo4 batteries will be available later this year. It's not cheap but it is competitive with individually sourced components, and the fact that it can be unstacked and moved fairly easily was a key selling point for me as I plan to use it for both home and RV.

Bruce thanks for the review and I am very glad you're thoroughly enjoying your Titan system!

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