Titan Generator (No Panels)

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1 – Titan solar generator (Inverter & Battery)
1 – XL Faraday EMP Bag
1 – Wall charger
1 – Car charger
1 – Anderson Powerpole to MC4 adapter

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The picture seen above is only the 1st generation prototype. Final unit will look different.

This is the Titan Solar Generator. It is the most versatile, expandable and powerful portable solar generator on planet earth.

With the power to expand and connect to a second Titan unit this system can power houses off-grid quite easily, yet each battery separates from the other so each piece is only ≈30lbs.

This is a 2,500 watt and 120v inverter. When coupled together with a second Titan increases its continuous output power up to 5,000 watts and increases to 240v.

It has the unique ability to expand its batteries by stacking them in a sandwich style, vertically. It can handle 10,000 watts in battery capacity on a single unit and 20,000 watts capacity as a double unit.
It can expand its solar capacity to 2,000 watts as a single unit and 4,000 watts as a double unit. It uses a 24v battery setup instead of the lower 12v as seen in other units.

Battery Capacity: 2,100wh
Inverter: 2,500w Continuous | 6,000w Peak 10sec.
2 Titans Combined Inverter: 5,000w | 12,000w Peak 10sec.
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Battery Lifetime Cycles: 2,000
Max Solar Power Input 1 Battery: 1,000wh
Max Solar Power Input 2+ Batteries: 2,000wh
Max Solar Power Input 2 Titans & 2+ Batteries/Titan: 4,000wh
Simultaneous Charging: Yes – Can use multiple charge ports at once. Allows for solar + wind or other combinations.
MPPT Controller: Yes
Sine Wave Type: Pure
Weight: ≈35lbs Top Piece + ≈30lbs Each Battery (Top piece separates from battery for easy transportation and portability)
110v Outlets: 6
12v Outlets: 2
USB 2.0 Outlets: 2
USB C Outlets: 2
RV 30amp Outlet: 1
Battery Storage Capability: 5 years >75%
Warranty Length: 2 Years

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