Titan Solar Generator 1 Year Review

It’s no secret that I helped design the Titan solar generator. I worked with the owners of Point Zero Energy to bring to market the absolute best solar generator that has ever been made.

You may say that I have a biased opinion. But truly I don’t. If something else comes out that’s better, then that is what I will recommend to people. The fact is, the Titan has been out for well over a year, and even the largest solar generator companies such as Goal Zero, MAXOAK, Ecoflow, Inergy, Renogy, and so on have not produced anything better.

In fact, most of those companies have all come out with new solar generator models in the last 6 to 12 months, well after the Titan had been released, and still, they haven’t beaten the Titan.

Take a look at this video and article that shows an apples-to-apples comparison between the Top 8 Solar Generators:

Keep in mind, that even though I helped design the Titan with the owners of Point Zero and have known them for many years, I own 0% of the company, am not on the payroll in any way, shape, or form, and even had to purchase my two Titan solar generators for myself. I have received ZERO compensation from Point Zero for my consultation, designs, or input. And I am perfectly okay with that.

To be clear, I am not complaining. I wanted to help bring to market the best system ever, and I am proud that I was able to be a part of that. What I am saying is that I do not have a biased opinion since I have had to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for my own Titan equipment.

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Off-Grid Cabin

How has the Titan solar generator been over a full year? I literally had the first unit and have been using it for well over a year. Shortly after receiving my first Titan, I bought our off-grid family cabin that needed a little bit of work in regard to electricity.

When I bought the cabin it actually had an old Inergy Kodiak as the “off-grid” setup. It came with solar panels to charge the Kodiak and the extra batteries but to no surprise, the Kodiak and extra batteries were long dead. I like the Kodiak, but the batteries actually impede the capability of the Kodiak. Not to mention that the cables from the solar panels had fried because Inergy was a little misleading in how to set up solar panels on the Kodiak and other systems they have made. That’s one reason I don’t recommend or use their equipment anymore.

I needed a serious power solution that could replace the existing solar equipment. Obviously, the Titan was my choice because it has a 3,000w inverter which is powerful enough to run everything in that cabin all at the same time. Also, since the Titan has very easy-to-use expandable batteries I knew I wouldn’t have any complicated wiring setups with external batteries.

I was able to take the existing solar panels that were up at the off-grid cabin and connect them with some other salvaged solar panels to make more power for the Titan and the cabin. It worked very well for our basic needs. Running lights, fan, full-sized fridge, TV, electronics, chargers, and so on.

The thing that surprised me the most was how much electricity our propane gas oven used. What never occurred to me is that the oven didn’t have a pilot light as a gas stove would. It uses an electric igniter that gets glowing red hot in order to ignite the propane to heat the oven. The igniter is not always on when the oven is baking/heating but it turns on and off periodically. The igniter alone uses about 700 or more watts to run. That’s quite a high amount of power to run a little igniter.

I wanted the off-grid cabin to not only be a fun and enjoyable place for my family but also a potential bugout location in case of a severe emergency. That means it needed to be ready for long-term living.

That is why I upgraded the solar panel array and added more batteries to my Titan solar generator. I had a total of 3 Titan batteries and 4,000w of solar panels.

We have let many people stay at the cabin in an effort to figure out all the different issues that we didn’t know about so we could work on them and get them fixed for long-term living.

We found we had septic issues, water line issues, propane issues (nothing dangerous), and other small quirks. But one issue that never came up, was the Titan. With 6,000wh of battery, it is equivalent to 2-4 days of stored power depending on what is being used and how the power is rationed. Essentially, if the sun didn’t shine for 3 days and we rationed the power, we could last all the 3 days running the bare essentials.

But, because I installed 4,000w of solar panels I increased our solar peak hours from about 5 hours a day to about 8 to 10 hours a day depending on the time of year. That means, rather than being able to only make up to 10,000wh of power per day, I can make upwards of 16,000 – 20,000wh of power by having the Titan “over-paneled.”

Over-paneling just means having more panel wattage connected to a system than what that system can let it. The Titan can only let in 2,000w of power, but because I have 4,000w connected it is over-paneled.

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If I had 2,000w of panels connected, at 9 am I could be making about 1,000w since the sun isn’t very high up in the sky yet. But with 4,000w of panels connected, at 9 am I’m making twice as much power as I would with only 2,000w in panels connected. That means by 9 am, I’m making 2,000w and don’t have to wait until 11 am to make 2,000w like I would if I only had 2,000w in panels.

This is why I have the Titan++ 4,000 Rigid Kit available for people to get because I have run this setup for a very long time. I know firsthand that this is truly an extremely powerful kit for long-term power outages.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blackout in California from high winds, a hurricane in Florida, a winter storm in Texas, a blizzard in Idaho, a tornado in Missouri, flooding in Louisiana, or any other natural disaster or emergency. The Titan is truly the absolute best solar generator option. These disasters are not going away. Every year these disasters repeat themselves in different ways in different locations. If anything, they are getting more common and worse.

Since installing the Titan++ 4000 kit at my off-grid cabin, I have never lost power. The Titan has been running my family off-grid cabin without stopping. That is an amazing track record.

Our First Power Outage

I did mention I have two Titan solar generators. One is permanently installed at my family’s off-grid cabin. The second, which I also paid for, I keep at my house in case of a power outage.

You may be asking why I don’t have solar on my house if I am so into solar generators and solar panels. To be blunt, my electric bill is an average of $50 per month. Going off-grid at my house costs tens of thousands of dollars and so my cost savings would take decades to recuperate.

The last solar big I got was about $32,000 and that did not include a ton of extra batteries to account for multiple days of bad weather. $32,000 ÷ $50 = 640 months before I break even. That’s 53 years! I’ll be 84 by then!

If my electricity bill were $400 a month then it would make a lot of sense to go off-grid or supplement my bill because that would be made back in 6 or 7 years.

I don’t have to worry about going off-grid though because I have my Titan at home. I have over 3,000w of panels at home as well as 2 batteries on my Titan. I have found that for my at-home power needs that’s enough to run my essentials for a couple of days even if there is bad weather. Typically, because I have so many solar panels, even on semi-cloudy days I can make a little bit of power and help keep my batteries at the same percentage all day or even get a small charge.

If it’s a clear sunny day after a power outage then the entire system is recharged within a few hours tops.

The first power outage we had after getting the Titan was very interesting. When the power went out we had no idea how long it was going to last, as with most blackouts. I waited about 1 hour before getting my Titan out because I didn’t want to set it up and run extension cords everywhere if I didn’t have to.

After 1 hour of no power, I set up the Titan. I ran the extension cords. I connected the fridge, freezer, multiple lights, TV, chargers, and so on. It was spring so it wasn’t hot or cold out so we didn’t have to worry about A/C or heat.

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It also happened after the sun had gone down, which meant I couldn’t set up my solar panels to help supplement my power needs. This is why I stress getting a second battery or more for people. Having more batteries makes it much easier to get through the night without running out of power.

My family and I went to bed comfortably knowing that we had plenty of power to run our essentials for however long we needed during the blackout. Luckily, the next morning the power came back on. But we ran all that we needed, plus watched a movie that night as a family, and didn’t drain the battery.

It was comforting knowing that if the power wasn’t back on in the morning I could simply set up the solar panels and we’d be fully charged within a few hours while still running the fridge, freezer, and other essentials.

Since then, I have had a transfer switch installed so that I can simply plug my Titan into the transfer switch and run certain parts of my house without needing extension cords. This must be done by a licensed electrician and you need a 30amp 3 prong plug installed that you connect to from the Titan to power a sub-panel that runs certain circuits in the house.

1 Year Review

Since getting my Titans, I have gone through multiple power outages. I have run my off-grid cabin non-stop. I have been able to help others run essential equipment as well including CPAPs, oxygenators, and other medical equipment that helped people during blackouts. That would not have been possible without the power, expandability, and portability of the Titan.

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Not only that, but I also enjoy being able to grab my Titan, take it out to my RV, plug the shoreline power cord into the Titan and run my entire RV as if I was at a campsite. I have 2,100w of solar panels installed on the roof of my RV. It is very easy to boondock with my Titan and RV because the Titan is strong enough to run everything, has enough panels to recharge quickly, and a large enough battery to run all of my evening and nighttime equipment without any issues. We can stay in locations for as long as we want and have the power we need.

The Titan is truly the most powerful solar generator that has ever come out so far. It is incredible to be a part of a legacy of redefining the solar generator world.

If you want to have the same protection as I do when it comes to preparing for emergencies, disasters, and long-term power outages then I highly recommend you take a look at the Titan solar generator. It truly is unmatched and has been unmatched for quite some time. My yearlong testing and reviewing have come to prove that it can do whatever I need during those hard times.

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