Why the Delta Max is the Perfect Middlecap Sized Solar Generator

There are so many different solar generators available now. Just a few years ago, there were only a handful. How is it possible to know which one to get? Luckily this solar generator comparison chart makes it a bit easier to see how different units compare to each other directly in their own category.

The Delta Max is the top unit for the Middlecap-sized solar generators. It’s not fair to compare a smaller generator to a much bigger one which is why there are these distinctions on which unit can do what and compare them to each other appropriately.

There are definitely some big competitors to the Delta Max such as the Bluetti AC200Max, the Inergy Flex 1500, and the Jackery Explorer 2000. But to be completely upfront, the Delta Max beats every one of these, and you’ll see why.

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Output Capability

Within the Middlecap category for solar generators, each one must be capable of continuously running at least 2,000 watts. The Delta Max beats that quite easily with its 2,400-watt pure sine wave inverter. Not only that but because it uses EcoFlow’s special X-Boost feature, it can run all the way up to 3,400 watts for heavy loads. No other solar generator on the market has an X-Boost feature like that besides EcoFlow products.

The Delta Max is extremely easy to use. Everything is plug and play so even the newest novice can’t break anything and will have all the confidence they need to use it. Once powered on, the AC power outlets can be turned on to run all the house-style outlets. There are six of them which makes it easy to have lots of things plugged in at once.

Running things like fridges, freezers, lights, fans, medical equipment, TV, WiFi and so much more is very easy. You can always use an extension cord and a power strip too if you need to plug lots of things in but the Delta Max can’t be close to those items.

It has all the necessary DC plugs as well such as a regulated cigarette lighter port, USB and USBC charging ports, and even 5525 barrel plugs for special equipment.

One of the nicest things is that the Delta Max is still very portable which makes it easy to run heavy equipment at remote locations. Just recently I had to use my Delta Max to run a powerful water pump to fill up a water tank and it ran the pump without a single hiccup.

Large loads aren’t really an issue for the Delta Max because it can peak its output all the way up to 5,000w which is even enough to handle tough equipment such as water pumps and even air conditioners at home or in an RV. But there is no TT30 RV plug on the Delta Max which some people dislike but it’s easy enough to get a dog-bone adapter to go from 15a to 30a plugs.

Battery Storage & Expansion

The Delta Max uses Lithium Ion battery cells which are powerful, long-lasting, and perfectly safe to use. Many people prefer the LiFePo4 batteries which last even longer but weigh much more. Using Lithium Ion cells was a purposeful decision in order to keep the Delta Max portable and usable for many different locations and scenarios. It has a 2,016wh battery inside the main unit along with the inverter, charge controller, and all the other electronics.

But one way that the Delta Max really takes it a notch above the rest is that it has super easy-to-use expandable batteries. The Delta Max Expansion Batteries are the same battery that is in the main unit but they don’t have the inverter and other electronics inside the case. It comes with a very simple to use the plug-and-play cable to connect the expansion battery to the main unit.

The Delta Max is so smart and easy to use that you don’t even have to balance the batteries to the same voltage before connecting them together. If the main unit is at 100% and the expansion battery is at 50%, you simply connect them together and the two units will communicate with each other in order to balance themselves out and keep regulated. This is a great feature that keeps things easier for everyone and makes the initial setup much faster too.

The Delta Max can add up to two expansion batteries for a total of over 6,000wh of battery capacity. For over 2 years I have personally run my off-grid cabin off of a 6,000wh Lithium Ion battery bank with my Titan solar generator. The Delta Max is in a different class from the Titan, the Titan is in a Heavycap class whereas the Delta Max is in the Middlecap class.

The bottom line is that the Delta Max easily expands to your needs. It’s always a beautiful thing to know that if you need to add more batteries, you can do that very easily and affordably. The Delta Max must use Delta Max expansion batteries, other batteries cannot be used. Some people dislike that feature but if other batteries could be used then it would require a lot more balancing the batteries and getting them to communicate with each other properly. Having specific batteries to match the Delta Max makes life just that much easier.

The Jackery 2000 and the HomePower 2 Plus units cannot use expansion batteries, you’re stuck with what you have with those units. The Bluetti AC200Max has expandable batteries and can expand to quite the battery capacity. However, many people have had repeated issues with their AC200Max units failing. Whether the screen stops working, the Bluetooth doesn’t work, or whatever other issue. The biggest issue with the Bluetti company is that their customer service is non-existent. It’s nearly impossible to get someone on the phone, their voicemail is always full, and they do not reply to emails.

EcoFlow on the other hand is always very quick to respond to emails, answer calls and cover any warranty stuff as described in their 3-year warranty. 3 years is a very long time to have that protection to make sure if anything ever goes wrong with it that you won’t pay a dime in getting it fixed. 3 years is the longest warranty on a unit like this on the market.

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The EcoFlow Delta Max has a max solar input of 800w, a car charging input of about 120w, and a wall charging speed of 1800 watts. The wall charging is incredibly fast and one of the best features is that the charging cable, is just a cable. There’s no huge power adapter brick on the cable that’s hard to store or use. The super fast wall charging is built directly inside the Delta Max.

For most people who just need to run a fridge and freezer and small electronics, 800 watts of solar is plenty of solar to get the unit recharged in a day while still running that equipment. So for emergency backup power to run essential items, it definitely works very well.

One neat feature is that the Delta Max can charge from AC power (wall charging) and solar power at the exact same time. That means that if you had the wall charger going and the solar going at the same time, it can charge at a rate of about 2,600w which is insanely fast. This is a nice feature when using something like a gas generator as a backup for the Delta Max. If the weather is really bad for multiple days and you need to quickly recharge the Delta Max you can just recharge it using the wall charger off of a gas generator. This helps conserve a lot of gasoline and then you can supplement the batteries recharging with the solar panels too. No matter what the situation the Delta Max can recharge quickly.

Most people do not use the car charger but it is always nice to have that option. The most common way the car charger is used is for road trips. You can easily keep the Delta Max charging inside the car while it’s running something like a DC fridge or other equipment.

Best Use Case

The Delta Max is the perfect setup for Van-life vehicles. Because the Delta Max is lightweight, can recharge from a vehicle on the go, has zero off-gassing with bad chemicals, and can recharge quickly on solar, it’s a great fit for power on the go. Many people will put anywhere from 400 to 800 watts of solar on the roof of their van or vehicle and keep the Delta Max and the expansion batteries charged up all of the time without any issues.

The Delta Max can easily run a fridge, fans, lights, laptops, drones, small A/C units, and even blowers for heat inside the vehicle. And it’s compact as well which makes it easy to fit under a bed, inside a cabinet, or anywhere else there is some spare space.

The Delta Max is the best “entry-level” solar generator. It’s simple to use for emergency power, power on the go, or just to offset your electricity bill and run some vital equipment all of the time. Some people have the Delta Max 800 kit and run their fridge and freezer on it permanently. The big advantage is that they can save a bit of money every month on their bill, but most importantly is that if the power goes out, their fridge and freezer are already running on it. They never worry about being gone for long periods of time on trips or away for the day at work because they know their food is always protected by the Delta Max.

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The Delta Max is truly the perfect system if you’re just getting started on solar generators and don’t need a lot of power. If you just want to run a fridge all day and night during emergencies, it’s a perfect fit. If you just want to power your van while you’re traveling, it’s a perfect fit.

If you need to run an RV including the A/C unit or you have lots of equipment you need to run during an emergency, then you will want to step up to the next unit, the Delta Pro. The Delta Pro is one of my absolute favorite units ever made and can even make 240v power to run well pumps, dryers, welders and so much more. I use the Delta Pro to back up my entire home with 6,000w of inverter power and over 21,600wh of battery. I even have 4,800w of solar attached to it so during an emergency I have plenty of power for my family.

So you just need to know what your power needs are. If you need any help at all figuring out which system may be best for you, please contact us here and we are glad to help you with that.

But the bottom line is that the Delta Max is by far the best Middlecap solar generator on the market, and likely will be for a very long time.

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