“5 Stars.  If there were 10 stars I would give it! I wanted a backup power source in case of emergency.  Although no emergencies (yet) the system works great and I am extremely happy and can sleep at night knowing I have power when needed!!  Thank you!!” ~ Chris B. – Fountain Valley, CA

“At first I have to admit I was skeptical, the product is great. Before I send this guy some money I had to check him out. Sure enough he is what he says. I even called inergy to make sure. Great YouTube video, I’m happy with my Kodiak and panels . Thanks Ben for being patient, there were no testimonials in the beginning. 5 stars” ~ Jake – Saranac, MI

“The Kodiak has been a perfect product for me. Although I have had problems, both user and mechanical, you have been there to support me all the way and I have never felt abandoned. In fact you have given me every confidence in your product.
Thank you.” ~ Randi J. – Gloucester, Ontario

“As you know Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and we spent months without power.  Finding your page and having you answer all questions and concerns I had was extremely helpful. I purchased the system and it worked. Power is from time to time interrupted, but the Kodiak battery is there doing its job.  Much Appreciated.” ~ Paul A. – Puerto Rico

“Working with you was great! You shipped very quickly to the builders of my new camper, Phoenix Popup Campers in Commerce City, CO. They installed the generator, 3 solar panels, and an expansion battery that are now powering a National Luna 110 ltr. fridge and freezer and a Dish TV RV TO GO satellite system with a 24″ Samsung flat screen. All run great and the unit keeps things fully charged. I would rate 5 stars!” ~ Mike A. – Commerce City, CO

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and information with my new Kodiak system!  I had already committed to the product, but finding you made the purchase all the sweeter. Your review on Youtube was the best I had encountered, by far. Very thorough, with an eye to answering some questions I didn’t even know I had. It seemed unlikely that you would have such great pricing, but it was a huge treat when you did – by quite a bit…

Superstorm Sandy revealed many things that I wasn’t quite prepared for, but the Kodiak is one of the most important elements in my preparations. The noise and fumes of a gas powered generator are a no-go for me.

Thank you for all of your help and knowledge! I really appreciate it. A second unit might be in the cards, and I know to look no further than https://poweredportablesolar.com Cheers to you!” ~ Billy T – Bay Head, NJ

“I purchased the Predator Silver Kit from https://poweredportablesolar.com. I researched portable Solar Power for a small cabin I have and the Kodiak Solar Generator with the Predator panels have exceeded my expectations. I have had the Silver kit for a little over a month.

The Kodiak can truly be lifted with one hand and the six panels are very easy to transport as well. The total set up (and take down time) time is around 3 minutes. Previously, I had no experience with solar power and needed a self contained system that would provide reliable power to a variety of electronics in the cabin. The kit provides everything needed with simple instructions to have renewal power handy for deep woods conveniences. An “Out of the box” solution that takes away all of the headaches with moving into solar power for a remote location.

Ben is a valuable resource to answer any questions that may come up and ensures all components are delivered. A real down-to-earth guy, very responsive to any emails and a pleasure to get to know. I highly recommend him when considering portable solar power.” ~ Joel H. – Greensville, NC

“My Kodiak works very well! In fact, it has exceeded my expectations. It is very easy to deploy and will charge in a few hours on a sunny day. On a full charge it will power my laptop, living room lights, charge my phones, fill up a few auxiliary batteries and run my TV (which is large) for about 8 hours. Incredible!” ~ Samuel C. – Guilford, CT

“Benji was very responsive and delivered what he promised. Pleasure to do business with, would buy from him again.” ~ Charlie S. – Hattiesburg, MS

“Ben, I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance in my purchase of my Kodiak solar system from you. You answered all of my questions and I did get the best price from you. Thanks again for all of your help, I love the system.” ~ Ted O. – Lone Tree, CO

“Hi, the Kodiak system is awesome, I use it for emergencies and it can do a lot, the system itself is pretty powerful and if you control the energy consumption it will last a very long time, about the service I got from Ben I can’t be more happy, I am in Puerto Rico, the system arrived really fast and Ben was always happy to answer my questions,  I definitely recommend Ben as your solar power needs supplier, Good Day!!!”~ Enrique S – Puerto Rico

“Just wanted to thank you for the great service and information in helping me acquire my Kodak solar generator with flat solar panels. In sourcing the system I found your YouTube Channel very helpful and as I said service was great. 5 stars for you.” ~ Dave L. – Steamboat Springs, CO

“I found Ben’s website while researching solar powered backup systems.  I was impressed by his analysis and comparison of the various units on the market. He was accurate, informative and insightful in his review. I knew after reading his review that the Kodiak was the unit I wanted, and that he was the supplier I would order it from.  He did not disappoint me. Once I ordered the Silver Kit from him, it was delivered in a matter of days.  It was everything his review had said it would be. And more.  The solar panels were lightweight, only about 4 pounds each.  That meant 300 watts of power you could carry in a bag over your shoulder.  Wow.  That was better than 3 50 watt panels which was the standard option.  I had a few questions, and Ben quickly answered each of them with a complete explanation.  I recently ordered the carrying bag for the solar panels, which I strongly recommend.

I am an 86 year old with COPD.  I bought the Kodiak to power my refrigerator, stair chair and Oxygen concentrator during power outages.  I followed Ben’s example and bought a timer so that I could run the refrigerator only 15 minutes every hour.  I am all set up and feel confident I do not have to leave my house in a power outage, except in the brutal winter, when I will not be able to keep it warm.  The Kodiak was a smart investment, and I would give Ben Gilmore FIVE STARS for his expertise and solid business performance.” ~ David G. – Somers, NY

“I couldn’t be happier with my purchase from Powered Portable Solar. Ben answered all of my questions (and I had many) in a easy to understand and professional manner. His knowledge and excellent customer support really left no doubt where I was going to make my purchase. The video that he has on YouTube “Best Portable Powered Solar Generator Kit 1 Year Review Inergy Kodiak” was the most detailed that I could find and motivated me to contact Ben. The video contained everything from the his tests of the Kodiak, panel connectivity, faraday bags, panel storage, the Base Camp lights, and more were all extremely helpful. Shortly after my purchase I had a couple of questions and Ben was quick to answer, and even put together additional YouTube videos addressing my questions. How cool!

As I am writing this testimonial my BnD Gold kit is recharging out side. And I feel great comfort having this kit handy as part of my preparedness collection should there be a natural disaster, EMP etc. I will most certainly be purchasing a second BnD Gold kit from Powered Portable Solar in the near future. Gotta have a back up! Thanks again Ben.” ~ Paul A. – Kailua, HI

“In May 2018 we purchased the BnD Platinum Kit and a few extras, like the Basecamp Lights. We looked at lots of YouTube videos, but Ben’s had the most information and in a format we could understand. We had no clue as to where to begin to have a backup solar generator and panels. We greatly appreciate him preparing an assortment of packages to help people be better prepared for emergencies. He has taken the guesswork out of what to do and has everything in the kit you will need.

Ben was a great help to us and quickly responded to questions. Everything arrived in great condition. Some packages arrived at different times to save on shipping costs to us (came directly from the vendor). Everything was easy to put together and all tested out just fine. The Basecamp lights will certainly come in handy for needed light when there is no power. We have fans and a refrigerator/freezer that runs on DC power. From what we have read from others that have this solar generator system is that it functions very well for camping and in times of emergencies. The fact that it is light weight is a real plus. This is a major “piece of mind” purchase that we had wanted to get. Definitely 5 stars.” ~ Ken and Rebecca I. – Oklahoma City, OK

“Just wanted to write and tell you “thank you” for walking me through the purchase of my first solar powered generator and the necessary accessories.  Your prices were some of the lowest I could find and your expertise was second to none.  Thank again.  I know I can always call if a question arises.” ~ T. Dauber – Bunker Hill, KS

“While researching portable solar generators I ran across Ben’s website.  The site had a ton of information as well as an excellent YouTube review on the Kodiak.  I had further questions and e-mailed Ben, he got right back to me quickly answering any questions.

I was especially impressed with the BnD solar panels he was using and the pricing on the kits that I was looking at.  I ultimately ended up purchasing the Silver Kit, one extra Panel and a few accessories.  The transaction was super easy and delivery time was much faster then I expected.  Once the kit arrived I had a few questions on set-up Ben answered my questions promptly and I was up and running in no time.

I recommended Ben to a coworker and she purchased the silver kit as well and is extremely happy with it.  Definitely a 5 Star experience from start to finish. Thanks Ben!!!” ~ Michele L . – Bellmore, NY

“Thanks for a truly great product. Everything arrived in rapid succession. I was able to throw a charge on with the wall charger the first time, as I was too busy to set up the panels. Glad I did! Had a small power outage right after- I was ecstatic. So I was running the LED lights, charging a phone and laptop, running a fan. What a great thing it is!

I have yet to plug it into the RV to see how that goes, but I am confident it will be fine. I recharged the unit with the panels the following day. Again, without a hitch. This gets five stars from me.” ~ Ed C. – Staten Island, NY

“I am so glad that I purchased the Inergy Kodiak Gold system in mid May for preparation for the hurricane season. I did not want to experience the 2 weeks without electricity like I did during a previous hurricane. I contacted Ben and we discussed my needs and it was determined the Gold system would be the best for my needs.  So far, no electricity outage due to hurricanes! I did however get an opportunity to test the system when I had a “unplanned” maintenance on the grid. I work from home and needed internet access and was able to set up my system (it was fully charged) and was back to work within 20 minutes. I had 2 desktop computers, 2 monitors,  1 router, 1 phone, 1 printer and 2 floor fans hooked up and ran my business until the power was restored 4 hours later. The system still had plenty of power available (I did not calculate consumption as it was late in the day and I wasn’t thinking). I charged the system up so it is ready for use the next outage. I give the system 5 stars for the ease of use, dependability and the spectacular support service I received from Ben for selection of the system and followup when one of the EMP bags was not sent from the supplier. The supplier apologized and corrected the error on their part and shipped the EMP bag the same day Ben contacted them!” ~Okey M. – Spring, TX

“Ben did indeed have the best price I could find on the Kodiak kit I bought. the solar panels were superior to the factory models. 5 stars.” ~ Scott D. – Corpus Christi, TX

“5 stars! Ben was so helpful with every stage of the process. He answered all my questions before I purchased the Kodiak BnD Silver Kit, and he answered my many questions after it arrived. I am not a mechanical person, so I was terrified to set up my kit the first time. It was SO easy. It really is impossible to do it wrong.

Very portable and easy to store. It has charged up pretty fast here in the Seattle summer, which isn’t always the sunniest. So far, we have run a video projector, speakers, and laptop off of the Kodiak. We haven’t had to do so for very long, so I can’t comment on how long it holds a charge with a lot of things plugged in. But I am thrilled with how easy it is to use and how portable it is.” ~Jill F. – Seattle, WA

“I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Inergy Kodiak BnD Gold Kit from Ben! After hurricane Irma, we were out of power for two weeks. Our gas generator was inconvenient to sustain, primarily because of the long gas station lines and cost. I wanted an alternative power source, began researching solar, and how I found Ben. His site, and videos educated me on solar, and surprisingly the Kodiak system. I considered other brands, but the Kodiak had the true portability and capacity for my emergency power and truck camper requirements. Ben promptly responded to my questions before my purchase, and after, offering me tips on best panel set-up configurations. Shortly after the system arrived, we put the system through its paces by traveling cross-country, and spending a month boondocking in Colorado forest lands. The Kodiak system performed brilliantly! The durability, capacity, weight, expandability and number of outlets, including 30amp RV makes this a 5star product. Am seriously considering purchasing a second unit.” ~ Roy D. – Miami, FL

 “I had been planning on purchasing a Generac gas-powered generator for some time and by chance, while browsing YouTube I ran across Kodiak solar generators.  I had never heard of or considered this before, but intrigued by the video I began exploring more about them.  The more I explored, the more I began to see this as an option.  I had run across Ben’s video “Best Portable Solar Powered Generator Kit – 1-year review” and was pretty much sold on Kodiak as the best generator out there, and began to look around for prices, availability, etc.  Amazon had the Kodiak generator, but no accessories at all.  The Inergy website had accessories, but oddly not the Predator 50 panels I wanted, and to get what I needed was going to be very expensive, in the neighborhood of $8,000 and that did not include all of the solar panels I wanted, so this got put on the “Do Later” list.  I had not discovered Ben’s website yet.
     Many months went by and I started exploring this option again.  By now I ran across Ben’s video “Best Portable Solar Powered Generator Kit – 2-year review“.   This sold me, the information was straightforward and exactly what I needed.  This led me to Ben’s website https://www.poweredportablesolar.com.  Here I found EXACTLY what I was looking for, as well as options for kits with different numbers and types of solar panels, as well as several other wonderful accessories, that allowed me to customize the kit I wanted, and at less than half the price I could find anywhere else AND it included accessories, including faraday bags!  I decided to take the plunge and bought a Predator Platinum Kit, in addition to some additional accessories.
     I was a bit leery of placing a purchase of several thousand dollars to a person, rather than to a company, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  After purchase, I received an email from Ben acknowledging the purchase the next day, and within 2 days another email regarding the Predator panels I had ordered were currently out-of-stock and on backorder, and an option to get the BnD panels and have them shipped immediately or wait for the Predator panels to come in. I chose to wait for the Predator, and have received everything else. Ben has been very nice and very informative and helpful in letting me know right away of any issues and options.  I am very happy with the service I have received and rate it at 5 stars. I have not had a power outage (yet, it’s coming) to put the Kodiak through it’s paces, but have in general tried it out and am very happy with it.
     I highly recommend Ben as THE place to go both for information about the Kodiak and for purchasing it, you won’t be disappointed!” ~ William S. – Ooltewah, TN