Titan Solar Generator

The Best Portable Solar Generator of 2022!

The results are in: the Titan Solar Generator has once again topped the charts for the best portable solar powered generator for 2022. Read our full evaluation and comparison with the link below!

The Titan Solar Generator

The Best Solar Generator on the Market Today!!

powered portable solar titan generator

At the heart of every good portable solar system is a good portable solar generator. This is where the Titan Solar Generator comes into play. 

Point Zero has taken essentially years worth of information and requests and compiled it into one solar generator: The Titan.

The Titan Solar Generator exceeds our expectations and standards and we believe that it will be years before another solar generator will reach its level. That is why we have worked hard to put together portable solar system kits for you that use the Titan. Just stop by our online store and find everything you’ll need for portable off-grid power in just one kit

How The Titan Measures Up

Battery Capacity

2,000 watt-hour lithium-ion battery that is extremely powerful and light


The Titan has two 33lb pieces which are very easy to move around

Charge Speed

A Titan with 500 watts in panels can be fully charged in 4 hours


The Titan can add as many Lithium Titan batteries as desired.

Inverter Size

The Titan uses a 3,000-watt continuous inverter.


Point Zero Energy is very responsive, and includes a 2-year warranty on the Titan


How to Find the Best Portable Solar Generator

Below are the areas everyone MUST consider before choosing a portable solar generator.

Battery Capacity
Inverter Size
Charge Speed
Life Cycle
Number of Plugins
RV Connectivity
Car Charging
Battery Chemistry

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