Top 3 Reasons to Buy Portable Solar Panels and Why They’re Worth Investing In

There are many reasons why someone would want to buy portable solar panels. There are also some reasons why someone may not want to get a portable solar system.

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The Top 3 Reasons To Buy Portable Solar Panels Are:

  1. One, they are easy to set up.
  2. Two, they pair very well with portable solar generators.
  3. Three, they are versatile.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Not To Buy Portable Solar Panels Are:

  1. One, they cost more than non-portable solar panels.
  2. Two, they have a shorter lifespan when compared to traditional solar panels.
  3. Three, they sometimes don’t work well in hot or cold climates.

Reasons To Get Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels come in varying sizes. Anywhere from 50w up to 400w with everything in between. The Powered Portable Solar website offers multiple options, such as a 200w folding briefcase portable solar panel, a 220w foldable solar pane, and a 400w heavy-duty folding solar panel.

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The main advantage of the 200w folding briefcase panels is that they are essentially two Rigid 100w solar panels put together but include legs, a carry handle, and clasps to hold them together in one piece. Weighing around 35 lbs, it’s still reasonably easy to move around, sets up quickly, and works the same as having two high-quality Rigid 100w solar panels.

The 220w and 400w portable folding solar panels are also great options but are more like flexible solar panels than the rigid frame. These two solar panels do not have the classic aluminum frame and tempered glass front. Instead, they have a special ETFE coating on the solar panel cells to ensure they are not damaged and will last a long time. And there are no legs built into the frame of the folding solar panels because there is no frame. Instead, it utilizes its protective carrying case and carabiners to hold the solar panels upright at an angle to produce the most energy possible.

Because they fold up on themselves, have built-in stands, and are a manageable weight to move around, many people prefer them to traditional solar panels. This makes them very easy to set up and take down whenever necessary.

Since solar panels are very portable, they work very well with portable solar generators and power stations. For example, the Delta Pro solar generator is a heavy-duty solar generator with a built-in telescoping handle and roller wheels so it can be taken places. Many people use their RV, off-grid cabins, camping, or to back up their household essentials for blackouts.

People often do not want to have their solar panels outside because they do not need the extra energy all of the time. That is why portable solar panels are very handy with portable solar generators because they can be used when needed. If you’re out RVing and you have a solar generator to power everything, once you get to the destination, you can easily set up the RV solar panels in a few minutes and recharge the solar panel system daily via a solar charge controller. (Learn more about how much solar power is needed for an AV and what you can expect from portable solar panel kids.)

Because they are portable, they allow you to use them in many different situations. This means that your cost of getting them serves multiple purposes. Most people who buy solar put solar panels on their roofs and never get to use that power in any other way other than reducing their monthly electricity bill. Even with household solar panels installed, when the grid power goes out, those people still don’t have any power either because those solar panels only provide the ability to reduce their power bill and do nothing for them when the grid is down.

Having the best portable solar panels paired with a portable solar generator means that no matter where you need extra power, you can have it there.

Reasons To Avoid Portable Solar Panels

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Portable solar panels are not necessarily the absolute best choice, though. There are some drawbacks. The main one is that they can cost up to twice as much as a traditional solar panel.

For example, the Rigid 200 solar panel from Powered Portable Solar typically costs around $310 each. To have two of them for 400w of power is $620. The EcoFlow 400w folding solar panels are generally $1,199. Essentially, it’s twice the price, all for the convenience of being foldable and having a case that can be turned into a stand. The real question is, for $600 could you make or find a stand that works for the Rigid 200w solar panels to get the same outcome? The answer is yes. Most people lean their solar panels against their house, fence, or outdoor table or even get specific stands that are affordable and easy to use. Portable solar panels conveniently come at a high price.

Portable solar panels oftentimes have a shorter lifespan as well. In particular, the ones that do not have the aluminum frame and tempered glass front do not last as long. The ETFE coating on them is designed to last in direct sunlight for about 20 years, which is excellent. But it’s not meant to fold and unfold all of the time without cracking, peeling, or bubbling.

Because ETFE is a special UV-protected plastic, it works well staying in the sun. But it’s not meant to be moved over and over again, and it will eventually begin to de-laminate from the surface of the solar cells. This can lead to water intrusion onto the cells, dirt getting inside, causing less solar output, and it shouldn’t happen at the price tag it has.

The material the cells are placed on also does not perform well unless it’s very warm. If it’s cold, the plastic will be rigid and unyielding. That makes it impossible to open the solar panel to make power, defeating the whole purpose. Whereas the traditional rigid frame solar panels like the Rigid 200 perform at their best because it has no moving parts to wear out.

Suppose it’s a very hot summer day when using the folding solar panels. In that case, the plastic backing may be too warm and not support the solar cells, which will cause the different faces of the portable solar panel to be at different angles to the sun. This causes significant inefficiencies because for the solar panel cells to make the most power, they must all work together facing the same way the sun.

With the prices of portable solar panels being very high per watt, the material breaking down reasonably quickly, and the materials not working correctly in different climates, it may not be the best idea to go with portable solar panels.

Final Thoughts

Portable solar systems serve a purpose and do well in the right conditions. If you need 4,000w of portable solar power to back up all of the devices and appliances in your house, then setting up 20 foldable solar panels may be difficult. Sometimes, it’s much more accessible not to have folding solar panels and lean rigid frame solar panels against a wall or fence or even put them in the driveway where trv solar kits jackery solar panel, installing solar panelshey can get total sun exposure.

If you’re looking at getting portable panels for their ability to stand upright on their own, but would prefer to save 50% of the cost by getting traditional framed solar panels, then you’re in luck. At Powered Portable Solar, we are constantly working on innovating the newest technology and helping people with equipment that is high quality and fulfills its purpose.

If it’s not released already, we will soon have our unique portable stand system that will work with any solar panel. This means you can afford a rigid frame solar panel that lasts 10x longer than most portable solar panels and is easy to set up. And the best part is the unique stand system costs less per panel than making your DIY solar panel stand.

If you have more questions about the stand, portable solar panels, traditional solar panels, or solar generators/portable power stations, please get in touch with Powered Portable Solar. You’ll find all the help you need and significant savings.

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